Marking Label Type

Several types of identifiers can be used to ensure the traceability of a product or lot treaceability. The 1D barcode, the 2D barcode (Datamatrix or QR codes) and the alphanumeric serial numbers are the most widely used types of identifiers for industrial labelling.
Even though the quality and readability of a laser marking is highly dependent on the laser system parameters, the choice of the right identifier is also very important to obtain a very high level of positive detection.

The quality and uniformity of your product surface is the most important factor in Industrial Labelling. It should guide your choice of identifier type and size. The more flat and uniform you surface is, the more identifier types choices you have. For example, an uneven surface that shows cracks and defects may not be suitable for a 1D barcode but may be better suited to a 2D  barcode or an alphanumeric serial number.

In addition, it is important to understand that the bigger the identifier, the more time required to mark it. Also, in Industrial labelling, for a given identifier type and size, the time necessary to mark is proportional to the laser power used for the marking system.

2D codes laser marking datamatrix and qr codes

2D code laser marking (Datamatrix and QR codes)

2D code (Datamatrix and QR codes) are a type of industrial identifier consisting of a high density bidimensional barcode enabling the encoding of text or numeric data.

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Barcode laser marking

Barcode laser marking

A barcode is a type of industrial identifier consisting of a one dimensional linear code, enabling the encoding of text or numeric data.

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Alphanumeric serial number laser marking

Alphanumeric serial number laser marking

An alphanumeric serial number is an industrial identifier that can be permanently laser marked on a product surface to provide a unique identifier and allow part traceability.

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Logo laser marking

Logo laser marking

 A logo is a type of industrial identifier. It is a graphic mark associated with a commercial company or trademark. It can be laser etched on any material.

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