What Laser Engraver You Should Use for Non-ferrous Metals?

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Laserax has developed laser direct part marking solutions that are specific to the primary aluminum smelter industry. It is an environment fraught with elements that are detrimental to the adequate operations of regular laser engravers. However, Laserax has succeeded in bringing this top-of-class technology to the harshness of smelters, casthouses, die-casters and extruders.

Laserax is also currently  bringing its aluminum laser marking and laser engraving expertise to producers of other non-ferrous metals.

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Near-infrared Pulsed Fiber Lasers


Figure 1 - Laserax's fiber laser marker LXQ 3D

The technological feat of marking aluminum and other non-ferrous metals with lasers in such harsh environment was accomplished using lasers that emit at 1064 nm. This wavelength has fairly low reflectivity with many metals including those in this text.

What Kinds of Non-ferrous Metals Can You Engrave with the Right Fiber Laser?


Video 1 - Laser engraving of a non-ferrous slug with Laserax's LXQ 3D


Several non-ferrous metals can be engraved with Laserax's fiber laser marker, find below a non-exhautive list of such metals:

  • Aluminum: This metal is widely used in several industries and its applications are numerous.
  • Lead: Lead is soft and has a low melting temperature. It is used as X-ray shields, and, of course, in acid-lead batteries.
  • Tin: Tin is also soft and has a low melting temperature. It is used as a rust-preventing coating on many materials, such as tin cans.
  • Zinc: Zinc is also used for protection against corrosion. It can be found alloyed with other metals for non-structural castings with thin walls and smooth surfaces.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is very lightweight. It’s been used in airplanes for the longest time and is now making its way into cars as the requirements for low weight is gaining ground. It is also found in automotive transmission casings, laptop computers, cell phones and televisions.
  • Titanium: Titanium is extremely strong for its weight. At room temperature, it withstands corrosion. It also has low thermal conductivity. It is found in airplane structures, surgical implants and super-alloys.
  • Nickel: Nickel is very resistant to corrosion and has low thermal conductivity. It is used as an alloying element. It may be electroplated to protect other metals against corrosion.


The choice of an adequate laser marker for non-ferrous metals is important; however, that’s not the only aspect that needs to be considered. Several other laser parameters need to be optimized to get the best out of your investment.


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Download - Analysis of Laser Marking Performance on Non-ferrous Metals


Benefits of Engraving Non-ferrous Metals with a Laserax Fiber Laser Engraver

Here is the most common advantages that people that have installed laser marking systems to their production facilities have reported: 

  • No consumable required
  • Engravers withstand the harshest industrial environments
  • Perform at high speeds to boost productivity
  • Marking on-the-fly is possible
  • Safe and does not require personal protective equipment

Laserax complete laser engraving systems provide a flexible, safe and reliable solution to your industrial traceability. Browse our website for more information on Laserax’s Modular ApproachTM .


Laserax has developed products that are uniquely adapted to laser marking and laser cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With these lasers, it is possible to mark highly readable, well-contrasted marks on aluminum, lead, tin, zinc, magnesium, titanium and nickel.

Our laser technology specialists have the expertise to help with your laser material processing projects.


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