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Laser Technology for the EV Industry

The rapid rise in the demand and production of electric vehicles is shaking the automotive industry. Battery and electric motor components have quality and production requirements that are driving manufacturers to upgrade their installations to take part in this new automotive era.

Laser technology is a pillar in the EV transformation. It is used to mark, clean and weld a wide variety of parts, including busbars, battery packs, housings, cells, modules, cans, caps, lids, foils, tabs, and hairpins. Fiber lasers give manufacturers a faster, cleaner, and more sustainable alternative to traditional mechanical methods, paving the way for the future of EV manufacturing.


Laser Applications in the EV Industry

Laser Marking

Foolproof traceability starts with a high-contrast and durable mark. With our high-speed lasers, you can achieve just that while maintaining your production goals.

Laser Cleaning

The best way to control quality is to control the process. With their micron precision, fiber lasers can perfectly clean metal surfaces to prepare them for welding, bonding, and other processes. Laser cleaning can also be used for surface texturing and structuring to add even more possibilities to your manufacturing processes.

Laser Welding

With their high speed and small heat-affected zone, pulsed fiber lasers are ideal to weld a high number of small areas. They allow manufacturers to achieve a high welding quality while facilitating automation.


Battery Cells

Lasers play a key role in the production of lithium-ion battery, ensuring the highest level of productivity and reliability. Applications includes:

  • Cleaning and texturing of electrodes and battery cells 
  • Laser marking of components with high contrast and maximum durability 

Battery Packs

The battery pack is the central part of an electric car. Laser applications include: 

  • High-speed laser welding at low heat to connect cells in circuits
  • Laser cleaning to boost battery efficiency by increasing the surface area of contact points
  • Laser marking of critical parts with high contrast and maximum durability

Electric Motors

Electric motor manufacturing can benefit from laser applications for cleaner, faster and more reliable results. Lasers are used in all assemblies—including differentials, hairpins, busbars, rotor shafts, gear wheels, stators and housings—to replace less efficient mechanical processes.

Applications include:

  • Laser welding and cleaning of copper hairpins
  • Laser hardening to significantly extend the parts’ service life
  • Laser marking of critical parts

The Benefits of Laser Technology in the EV Industry

Meet Your Production Goals
Meet Your
Production Goals

Lasers come in different power configurations which can be scaled to meet all types of production requirements. In most situations, manufacturers are better off with a single high-power laser than multiple low-power ones, as they can minimize footprint and complexity.  

Control Quality with a Precise Process
Control Quality with
a Precise Process

With its unmatched precision, laser technology is the best way to control the quality of your manufacturing processes. Laserax’s vision expertise allows us to combine our lasers’ high precision with sensor cameras to achieve near perfect repeatability regardless of positioning variations. 

Adopt a Green Technology
Adopt a
Green Technology

By replacing polluting technologies with greener ones, laser technology is in line with the goals of the EV industry. Fiber lasers operate without consumables and have a longer operating life than alternatives, reducing waste management and equipment maintenance. 

Laserax Solutions for the EV Industry

  • Turnkey Solutions

    Laserax offers a range of turnkey solutions specifically designed for EV manufacturing. Our fiber lasers come fully integrated to the production line, ready to perform laser welding, cleaning or marking at the optimal step in the manufacturing process. All the required peripherals can be included, including vision, fume management, safety enclosures, remote support, and more.

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  • Robot Laser Cleaning Machine

    OEM Laser Systems

    Laserax manufactures world-class OEM systems ready to be integrated in your custom solutions. Our experts can provide guidance and support for topics like laser safety certifications, autofocus systems, air blowers, fume extraction units, automation tools, and on-the-fly operations.

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