Static Laser Cleaner For Conveyors

With the static cleaning machine, you can clean large parts and part bundles that are processed on a conveyor system. The parts or part bundles are cleaned one after another in the enclosure. Your work environment always remains 100% safe, as the cleaning operation takes place behind closed doors.

Parts or part bundles must be placed consistently within a range of ± 70 mm. Static cleaners are best used when the parts can be cleaned while another process is being conducted (for example, weighting or quality control).

This laser cleaning machine is just what you need if:

  • A conveyor is already being used
  • Large parts or bundles can be stopped during the cleaning
  • The cleaning process is done on a flat, tilted or irregular surface
  • The surfaces to be cleaned are contaminated with oil, dust, rust, etc.
  • You want your laser equipment to comply with class-1 laser safety standards
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