Fully Automated Laser Cleaner Open-Air Machine

With an open-air cleaning machine, you can integrate the cleaning step directly in your production line. You don’t need any operators to perform the cleaning operation since this laser machine is fully automated.

For the cleaning operation, a robot holds and brings parts in front of the laser aperture. Safety sensors are used to detect parts, ensuring a 100% safe laser cleaning process. When cleaning is done, the robot moves the part to the next step in the production line.

This laser cleaning machine is just what you need if:

  • The cleaning process needs to be integrated in a harsh production environment
  • The cleaning process is shorter than the robot’s available idle time
  • You want to integrate this machine on a shop floor where space is limited
  • The cleaning operation needs to be performed on parts whose temperature is high
  • You want your laser equipment to comply with class-1 laser safety standards
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