Laser Enclosures

High-powered laser machines, such as those used in Laserax laser systems can be embedded in enclosures to make them safe to use.
These laser systems can either be embedded in a free-standing enclosure or in an enclosure customized to fit on your conveyor system.
Either way, you will get a system designed for Class 1 applications that can safely be used without individual protective equipment and
without requiring specific precautions.

Get to know better Laserax's modular approach to laser systems in this blog post.

Laser Marking & Traceability

Free-Standing Laser Enclosure

The Laserax free-standing laser enclosure is a standalone alternative to embed high-powered lasers. Its sturdy, heavy-duty design makes it the perfect choice for offline operations in the most demanding industrial environments.

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Laser safety enclosure on conveyor


Laserax’s laser enclosure for conveyors is a solution that can be integrated directly into your production line. Its rugged design is ideal for inline operation, even in the most demanding industrial environments. Our laser technology experts will assist you in devising ways to make lasers work for you.

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