Conveyor Static Laser Marking Machine (CSM)

The CSM is an inline laser marking machine designed to apply permanent high definition labels on large parts and bundles of parts being process on a conveyor system. The parts or bundles of parts are introduced one by one in the enclosure where they are etched in 100% safe conditions, behind closed doors.

Parts or bundles of parts have to be positioned in a reasonably consistent fashion, their positions can vary within a range of ± 70 mm. Typically, parts will be marked while another process is being conducted like weighting, quality control or bundling.

This laser machine is well-adapted in situations where:

  • A conveyor is already being used
  • Large parts or bundles can be stopped during the marking
  • The label is done on a flat, tilted or irregular surface
  • The surfaces to mark are contaminated with oil, dust, rust, etc.
  • Laser marking equipment is required to be compliant with Class 1 laser safety standards
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Advantages of Laserax’s Conveyor Static Machine

  1. Easy Retrofit
    Standard adaptable concept that can easily be retrofitted on existing lane with minimal foot print impact.
  2. Integrated in Current Production Process
    Station is typically installed on a section where part is already momentarily stationary for weighting purposes or quality control.
  3. Flexible Solution for Any Application
    Offered in several configurations allowing it to be used in any applications implicating parts or bundle of parts on a conveyor.
  4. Multilabeling Support
    Station can be fitted with several laser in the scenario where the item requires several marks.
  5. Class 1 Laser Safety Compliant
    Your operators shouldn’t have to bear the burden of complex procedures to ensure their safety and the safety of other workers.


Laser Marking on Bundles of Parts

Tracking bundles of parts may be all you need to satisfy your traceability needs. This video demonstrates the laser marking of bundles of lead ingots stacked on a conveyor by a robotic arm.

Laser Engraving of an Aluminum Ingot

Rough surfaces are no match for Laserax marking systems. Watch as our LXQ fiber laser identifies an aluminum ingot with a complete label.

Laser Marking on Lead

Non-ferrous metals such as lead, aluminum, magnesium, tin, nickel and many others can be uniquely identified with Laserax’s automated laser markers. This video shows the marking of a lead sample.



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