Laser engraving cardboard

Cardboard is an organic material. CO2 laser radiation at 10.6 μm is the most suitable wavelength for cardboard marking. Incident CO2 laser radiation causes the darkening of the material which produces marks with impressive contrast. Deep laser engraving into cardboard is also possible.

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Why use a laser for cardboard marking ?

Fast and reliable technology

Laser engraving allows the efficient and rapid marking of an identifier on cardboard surfaces, even in harsh and dusty environments.

Robust and permanent markings

Laser marked identifiers on cardboard surface can withstand heavy salt spray and intense UV exposure.

Low maintenance, no consumables

Laser engraving machines for cardboard are very low maintenance and consumable free.

Repeatable high contrasts marks

Laser engraving or marking on cardboard allows the generation of a high contrast black marking on any cardboard type.

Cardboard laser Engraving

The marking of organic materials like cardboard or a wood subproduct, is based on material carbonisation which produce darkening of the surface and marks with high contrast. Cardboard laser engraving can be performed too, as organic materials have a good absorption coefficient at the 10.6 μm wavelength of CO2 lasers. Although high contrast black markings can be obtained on any cardboard type or color. However, some types are more easily laser marked than others. For an industrial implementation where several cardboard types and colors need to be marked, the contrast may differ from one type to another. For example, white cardboard marking will generate a better contrast than black cardboard marking. A proper fume extraction system is required to move the fumes away from the work area.

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2D CO2 Laser Marking System (LXM)

2D CO2 Laser Marking System (LXM)

The LXM Series provides flexibility and durability without compromising on precision or speed.


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