Polyethylene laser marking

Laser marking on polyethylene can be obtained with either a CO2 or a fiber laser source. The laser choice will depend on the application requirements. Generally, the fiber laser generates a white mark on any plastic base color. The CO2 laser is more often use for etching or engraving the plastic.

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Why use a laser for polyethylene marking?

Fast and reliable technology

Laser marking allows the efficient and rapid marking of an identifier on a polyethylene surface, even in harsh environments.

Robust and permanent markings

Laser marked identifiers on polyethylene surface can withstand heavy salt spray testing and intense UV exposure.

Low maintenance, no consumables

Laser marking systems for polyethylene are very low maintenance and consumable free.

Repeatable high contrasts marks

Laser markings on polyethylene allow the generation of a high contrast white marking on any color.

Polyethylene laser marking

Polyethylene is an important plastic used in packaging and bottling industries. Although it is more difficult to laser mark than polypropylene or PV., the additives present in polyethylene plastic allows the application of a laser mark with a high contrast identifier, when proper laser parameters and wavelength are used. Laserax has developed extensive experience with polyethylene plastic laser marking, that allows the company to offer efficient marking processes for this very popular plastic. If a high contrast marking is required, a pulsed fiber laser is used. If etching or deep engraving is desired, a CO2 laser will be the laser of choice. In both cases, a proper fume extraction system is required to move the fumes from the work area.

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LXQ Series - Fiber Laser Markers

LXQ Series - Fiber Laser Markers

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2D CO2 Laser Marking System (LXM)

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