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Laser Marking

There are several types of laser permanent markings. Some of them are unique to specific material, and others have a wider range of applications. Learn everything you need to know about the different mechanisms used for laser direct part marking.

Laser Principles

Read this to learn evrything you may want to know about the principles of lasers, how laser beams are created and the main components of any lasers.

Laser Types

There are four types of lasers, each has their own characteristics, construction and use. We are reviewing fiber lasersexcimer/UV lasersND:YAG lasers and CO2 lasers.

Laser Characteristics By Material

The choice of a laser system depends heavily on the type of material that needs to be processed. Laserax has developed laser systems highly adapted to the marking of metals, plastics, organic materials, ceramics and glass. Find here all information related to the choice of a laser based on the material to be processed or get in touch with our laser technology experts.

Safety International Standards

Lasers used in industrial material processing are usually invisible and the intensity of their laser beam makes them hazardous to human eyes and skin. There are international laser safety standards in place to guide you to the safe use of industrial lasers

Laser Terms Glossary

Our team has come up with a laser glossary that will be useful to help understand the terms used throughout Laserax’s website.