Sand Laser Marking for Casting Plants

To reduce the size of recalls, sand casters need to meet advanced traceability requirements. Every single mold, core, and casting needs to be tracked with unique identifiers. Identification also needs to be fast and low maintenance to be performed inline.

Laserax helps sand casters all over the world meet these requirements with laser marking systems made to operate in harsh conditions. They are used to mark serial numbers, alphanumeric characters, and logos on green sand, silica sand, olivine sand, chromite sand, and other types of sands.

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Sand Laser Marking Applications

Casting Traceability

Unique identifiers can be laser engraved (deep or shallow) into sand molds so that they are transferred onto castings. When the casting is molded, the identifier sticks out the casting’s surface, ready to be scanned using barcode readers. This ensures traceability all the way to the sand mold.

Sand Mold & Core Traceability

The molds and cores used during the casting process need to be tracked, as they contain unique production information. Laser marking can be used to identify each mold and core with a unique identifier to provide complete traceability of the casted part all the way to the creation of the sand core & mold.

Industrial Grade Laser Marking Systems

The sand casting process creates a harsh environment for laser marking systems. During laser engraving, sand is released into the air and can damage the laser. Laserax has the industrial expertise to make laser marking a success in sand casting plants.

Our laser heads can be installed above conveyors to minimize their footprint. It can also be mounted on a robot arm for parts that need to me marked on multiple surfaces or that require different laser orientations.

  • IP67 certified head
  • Heavy duty dust extraction unit
  • Air knives to protect the lens
  • Fast marking process
  • Up to 500W of laser power
  • Focus adjustments for high-quality markings in all areas
  • Large working volume
  • Class-1 laser safety certification

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