Laser Welding Machines

Laser Welding Machines

When it comes to welding metals like aluminum, copper, and various alloys, laser welding machines are the ideal solution due to their speed and precision. Whether you need a manual or automated laser welder, our team of laser experts can help you integrate it in your production line.

Our solutions are also used in R&D for process and product development.

  • Scale Up Production
    Our laser machines are built to scale up production and meet demanding requirements. Our solutions include features such as vision, robot arms and a large field of view to ensure that the laser welding process is optimized for high-speed production.
  • Improve Weld Quality
    Laser welding is superior to traditional welding technologies like ultrasonic bonding, TIG welding, and resistance welding. With laser weld monitoring devices, it’s easy to detect and rework defects immediately.
  • Get Tailored Integration Services
    Our laser welding experts perform tests, develop and optimize the welding process with you, and help you integrate your laser welding machine.

Laser Welding Machines

  • Laser Welding

    This workstation is perfect for your R&D team, laser welding process development, and to start making small production batches.

    • Available for rent or purchase
    • Perfect for R&D and laser process development
    • Can be used for small production batches
    • Easy to operate
    • Fast welding process to work with the same conditions as full-scale production
  • Laser Welding

    Fully automated, this laser welding machine has everything to help you scale up production. With its fast welding speed, large field of view, and robot arms, it meets the demanding requirements of high volume production lines.

    • Inline integration
    • Fast cycle time
    • Laser weld monitoring
    • Data monitoring
    • Scalable design

The Laser Welding System
that Powers Our Solutions

  • Fiber Laser Source

    Our fiber laser source operates at a wavelength of 1,064-1,070 nm, which allows it to weld materials such as aluminum, copper, and various alloys (including nickel-plated aluminum, tin-plated aluminum, nickel-plated copper).

    Fiber laser technology offers a number of advantages. It has a low power consumption, the optical fiber provides high precision, and its small spot size makes it easier to penetrate metals.

  • Laser Power

    Our experts ensure that the laser system’s configuration is based on your specific application and needs. We offer more than 2kW of laser power to meet the most demanding cycle times.

  • Continuous-Wave Laser Beam

    Our continuous-wave lasers are an excellent choice for seam welding applications, as they provide a continuous beam delivery with sustained heat transfer. Continuous lasers can easily accommodate welds of different sizes and are less expensive than pulsed lasers.

  • Single Mode Laser Technology

    Single mode lasers have a good beam quality and can generate a small spot size to achieve high energy density. As a result, heat is used more efficiently, and the laser process has a lower heat affected zone (HAZ) on the part being processed.


Laser Welding Applications


Cylindrical Cell Laser Welding

Laser welding is widely used to create busbar connections for several cylindrical cell formats, such as the 21700 and the 4680. It offers high precision, low heat input, and high-quality results.

Prismatic Cell Laser Welding

Laser welding is a common method used to create busbar connections for prismatic cells. Its precision and accuracy make it a reliable welding method to join the busbars to the cell terminals.

Battery Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning can be used to remove contaminants before joining cells to busbars. It is a mandatory step before ultrasonic bonding. It can also be performed before laser welding if needed.

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