Laser Welding Machines

Industrial Laser Welding Machines

When it comes to welding metals like aluminum, steel, copper, and various alloys, laser welding machines are ideal due to their speed and precision. Whether you need a manual or automated laser solution, our team of laser experts can help you integrate it in your production line. 

Our solutions are also used in R&D for process and product development.

  • Scale Up Production
    Our laser machines are built to scale up production and meet demanding requirements. They include features such as vision, robot arms and a large field of view to optimize the laser welding process for high-speed production. 
  • Improve Weld Quality
    Laser welding is superior to traditional welding technologies like ultrasonic bonding, TIG welding, and resistance welding. With laser weld monitoring devices, it’s easy to detect and rework defects immediately.
  • Get Tailored Integration Services
    Our laser welding experts perform tests, develop the welding process with you, and help you integrate your laser welding machine.

Laser Welding Machines

  • Laser Welding

    This workstation is perfect for your R&D team, laser welding process development, and to start making small production batches. 

    • Available for rent or purchase
    • Perfect for R&D and laser process development
    • Can be used for small production batches
    • Easy to operate
    • Fast welding process to work with the same conditions as full-scale production
  • Laser Welding

    Fully automated, this laser welding machine has everything to help you scale up production. With its fast welding speed, large field of view, and robot arms, it meets the demanding requirements of high volume production lines.

    • Inline integration
    • Fast cycle time
    • Laser weld monitoring
    • Data monitoring
    • Scalable design

Benefit From a High-Quality Welding Process

Laser welding is a process that offers maximum control over the heat input, allowing just the right amount of heat to be applied to precise locations without unnecessarily heating other areas. The resulting welds are of much higher quality. 

Because laser welding is less aggressive than traditional methods like TIG, MIG and arc welding, parts maintain better mechanical properties. This makes it possible to design products with thinner materials, making the process extremely relevant to manufacturers seeking to minimize weight.

  • Lower heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • Less heat distortion & part deformation
  • Ideal for thin materials & small components
  • Can join dissimilar metals without filler material
  • Fast process
  • Easy to automate
  • Repeatable results
  • Minimal machine wear & tear

A Machine that Meets Long-Term Goals

If you’re in the design, prototype, or preproduction stage of your product, it can be tempting to buy a low-cost machine that meets short-term needs. But when the time comes to weld at high speed and with high repeatability, low-cost machines won’t keep up and you will have to start over.

To achieve your speed and quality goals, the laser welding machine needs to address a variety of welding challenges including clamping, vision, weld monitoring, and weld rework. All these factors can affect the quality and speed of your machine.

To accompany you in the journey that leads to your final machine, we offer three laser welding services.

Laser process development

Laser Process Development

Our laser process development service is ideal to develop a custom welding process that takes into account clamping, vision, monitoring, rework, and more. We will develop the laser welding process using the same equipment that will be used in production, resulting in a faster transfer from design/R&D/prototyping to production.

You can work with our laser welding experts to discuss the implications of laser welding for product design, obtain weld quality results, and optimize the process to reach specific welding properties.

Laser welding services

Laser Welding Service

You can use our laser welding service to start welding without needing a machine in your installations.

Send us parts to validate laser welding in your manufacturing process, produce a small batch for prototyping or preproduction, meet a short-term surge in production, or start producing right away while waiting for a machine order.

Laser machine rental

Laser Machine Rental

To allow you to start producing small batches as soon as possible, you can rent an off-the-shelf laser welding workstation. You can also use it to develop your own laser welding process.


Laser Welding Applications


Cylindrical Cell Laser Welding

Laser welding is widely used to create busbar connections for several cylindrical cell formats, such as the 21700 and the 4680. It offers high precision, low heat input, and high-quality results.

Prismatic Cell Laser Welding

Laser welding is a common method used to create busbar connections for prismatic cells. Its precision and accuracy make it a reliable welding method to join the busbars to the cell terminals.

Battery Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning can be used to remove contaminants before joining cells to busbars. It is a mandatory step before ultrasonic bonding. It can also be performed before laser welding if needed.

The Laser Welding System that Powers Our Solutions

Fiber Laser Welding

The laser beam is guided using fiber optics, resulting in a small spot size and a good penetration depth. This makes it ideal for precision applications like battery tabs and electronic components.

Our fiber laser source operates at a wavelength of 1,064-1,070 nm, which allows it to weld a variety of metals. 

High Power, High Speed

Fiber lasers are ideal for industrial applications requiring speed. Thanks to their high energy efficiency and good thermal management, they are not limited by power like blue lasers, green lasers, and other types of lasers.

We offer up to 6kW of laser power to meet the most demanding cycle times. 

Adjustable Ring Modes

To diminish spatter to a minimum, adjustable ring modes can be used to better control over how the laser beam’s energy is distributed. With this laser welding technique, it is possible to send different energy levels in the center of the spot and in the ring surrounding it.

We use this to preheat the metal surface and be less aggressive with the laser. The result is a better control over the weld pool and less spatter.

Laser Wobble Optics

To reduce porosity in the joints, the beam can be oscillated and moved in a “wobble” fashion. The result is a slower, more gentle heating of the surface that helps remove gasses that would otherwise enter the joints and cause porosity.

Continuous-Wave Output

Our continuous-wave lasers are an excellent choice for seam welding applications, as they provide a continuous beam delivery with sustained heat transfer. Continuous lasers can easily accommodate welds of different sizes and are less expensive than pulsed lasers.

Single Mode Laser Technology

Single mode lasers can generate a small spot size to achieve high energy density. As a result, heat is used more efficiently, and the laser process has a lower heat-affected zone (HAZ) on the part being processed.

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