• Battery Laser Welding Workstation
  • Battery Laser Welding Workstation


Easy to operate, this workstation is ideal to support your R&D team, develop your laser welding process, and start making small production batches. Our battery and laser welding experts will guide you and help you speed things—even before the workstation is delivered.

The workstation is designed to ensure a smooth transition when you need to scale up and automate production. On that day, you will be able to use the same laser configuration so that the process you developed is 100% compatible in the automated production line.

Benefits of the Battery Welding Workstation

Rent Now, Purchase Later

With a short lead time, this workstation is available for purchase or rent to get you started as soon as possible. You can use it for small production batches, to support you during preproduction, or to make laser welding tests for product development. You can purchase the workstation later, or upgrade to a fully automated machine with the same welding parameters.

Develop Your Process with Laser Welding Experts

Our laser welding experts can study your application and optimize laser welding for you. The machine comes with preconfigured laser welding processes based on your specifications. You can then test and perfect your welding process with remote support from our experts, who can help you adjust the laser welding configuration based on your evolving needs.

R&D Development with Production Hardware

When you need to scale up production and upgrade to a fully automated solution, the same laser source and optical components will be used. As a result, you will work with the same laser process and remain 100% compatible for high-volume inline production.

Easy to Operate

Operated manually, this workstation is safe and easy to use. It comes fully configured and ready to use with features such as cooling, optics, laser safety, and a control laptop. It includes a dedicated laser process software with easy-to-use templates to get you started quickly. Clamping and fixtures are not included but can be custom-designed and supplied if needed.

Welding Service Before Machine Delivery

Until the workstation is delivered to your facilities, our experts can work with your research and development team to speed things up. Our battery and laser welding experts can build battery modules and perform welding tests based on your latest developments so that you can continue developing your product even if the workstation hasn’t arrived yet.

Early Production and Prototype Solution

As new battery technologies and production lines emerge, manufacturers must find ways to produce prototypes and early production modules. The Battery Welding Workstation is there to help manufacturers produce early production modules to test their product and development. The workstation is offered both for rental or purchase to support production before a full-scale Automated Battery Welding Machine is required.

Class-1 Laser Safety Enclosure

Because safety is not an option, we’ve designed this workstation according to international, Class-1 laser safety standards. Operators can see the welding operation through the viewing window in real-time without wearing any protection.

Request Sample Welding

Send us your battery modules, cells, or material coupons to obtain a comprehensive test report which includes welding quality, welding speed, and much more.

Technical Specifications

Download Spec Sheet

Category Specifications
Laser Power 2000W continuous-wave
Laser Type Ytterbium-doped fiber
Wavelength 1070 nm
Laser Source MTBF 100,000 hours
Laser Process Laser welding
Part Material Nickel-plated steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel (all metals)
Cooling Water-cooling (chiller included)
Welding Optics Field of View 400 x 400 mm
Maximum Part Dimensions (W x D x H) 800 x 500 x 220 mm
Tooling (cell and module clamping) Not included (optional)
Communications and Control PC
Power Requirements 480V/60Hz or 400V/50Hz
Power Consumption 14 kW
Operating Temperature 10°C to 30°C
(Higher temperature available with lower humidity)
Operating Humidity < 70%
Part Loading Manual
Door Opening/Closing Manual
Fumes Extraction Included
General Dimensions (W x D x H) 1100 x 1200 x 2000 mm
2600 mm height with door opened
Typical Weight Machine with laser: 800 kg
Chiller (with water): 500 kg

Avoid Unnecessary Downtime with Remote Support

Whether you need on-site or remote support, our engineers and laser experts can rapidly identify the cause of your problems, making sure your production operations are up and running in no time. With the machine’s remote functionalities, remote support is secure and always available.


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