Industrial Laser Machines

Laserax manufactures laser marking machines and systems that provide efficient, innovative and safe solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. We rely on a team of laser technology experts to offer a complete range of products for marking, engraving and cleaning applications.

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Laserax Modular Systems

Laserax modular laser systems are composed of the lasers, the safety enclosures and the enhancement options. Choose the components of your unique laser solution specifically adapted to your needs with our modular solution.

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Laser Cleaning and Derusting

Laserax solutions for cleaning and derusting with laser is perfect for industrial applications. It is highly repeatable, requires no consumable and it does not require pesky chemicals. Improve your cleaning process with our laser systems.

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Our solutions

Lasers, enclosures and options are the building blocks of our laser systems. We offer CO2 and fiber laser machines — all of which come in different optical configurations, power levels and advanced features. We have enclosures that are affixed to conveyors and others that are free standing. You can also choose among our options to make your laser system even more adapted to your specific needs.

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Why Laserax ?


Since its inception, Laserax has brought to market fast and innovative industrial solutions. It has supplied efficient laser systems capable to withstand the most demanding industrial environment.


Our laser safety experts are ensuring that our laser systems and their intended use are strictly adhering to the best practices in laser safety. High power laser systems embedded in our safety enclosure are completely safe.


Our laser systems are made with industrial grade components. Thereby we can assure that our laser solutions will require minimal maintenance and optimal operation in any industrial environment.

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Laser Applications

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Lasers allow the deposition of huge amounts of energy to a material in a controlled manner. The energy can be focussed on the surface of flat and complex shapes for very short and precise period of time. This enables laser material processing for a variety of laser applications. From metal marking and rust removal to plastic welding, find out what a Laserax laser system can do for you.

Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Laser marking is a versatile technology enabling industrial tracking and traceability in manufacturing activities.

 Metal, Plastic, Wood, Ceramic

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Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning and rust removal are innovative and effective industrial processes. The laser permits removal of the contaminated layer on most metal types.


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Laser Cuttingy

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting of polymers and industrial fabrics are processes that require low to medium power CO2 laser cutting

 Metal, Plastic, Cardboard

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Laser Joining

Laser Joining

Laser welding of plastics is a popular process. Laser allows the accurate control of heat deposition into the material,resulting in a very repeatable bonding process.


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