Industrial Laser Solutions

Laserax is a laser system manufacturer that provides efficient, innovative and safe solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. We rely on a team of laser technology experts to offer a complete range of products and services for marking, cutting and welding applications.

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3D Autofocus Fiber Laser System with Vision System

3D Autofocus Fiber Laser Marking System

Adaptative 3D laser system that adapts to parts positioning and geometry. The LXQ­3D Vision provides the joint benefits of laser processing and 3D vision.

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2 Axis Fiber Laser System

2 Axis Fiber Laser System

Fastest fiber laser marker on the market, the LXQ Series offers unmatched performances for the most demanding traceability applications

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2 Axis CO2 Laser System

2 Axis CO2 Laser System

All-in one industrial laser engraving machine capable of in-line processing of materials at the highest speeds.

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Why Laserax ?


In manufacturing, time is money. We offer the fastest industrial systems on the market which allow you to optimize the speed of your production process.


Welcome to the "just in time" era. With its unique auto-focusing technology, Laserax offers unique laser solutions that dynamically adapt to part position and geometry.


Our industrial laser solutions are built from industrial grade components to ensure minimal maintenance and resistance to harsh factory environments.

Guaranteed Application

Don’t put your manufacturing goals at risk. All of Laserax's industrial laser solutions come with a standard application guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Find  the Best Product for Your Industrial Needs

With over 30 standard models, we have what you are looking for.

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From feasibility study, to customized industrial laser machines, to laser safety compliance, we bring to the table our state-of-the-art expertise. Our customers benefit from all of the advantages laser technology has to offer.

Laser Safety

Several members of our technical team are certified Laser Safety Officers. This allows us to guarantee that the systems we deploy are compliant with international laser safety standards:

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Laser Process Development

With access to our state of the art application lab, we develop innovative processes for the most challenging laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding and surface treatment applications.

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Custom Laser Solutions

Specialized in the manufacturing of custom laser solutions, our team of engineers will adapt our products to your specific needs.

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Our industrial laser solutions target the industries that benefit the most from the unique advantages Laserax has to offer. Such markets have in common their need for fast, reliable and innovative laser processing.

Aluminum Cast House Industry


With more and more demanding traceabilty requirements, aluminum producers now need to offer error proof traceability. With systems installed in multiple cast houses, we are the reference in the aluminum industry.

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Die Casting Industry

Die Casting

Get instantaneous access to alloy and process data and improve part quality and inventory management by adding a permanent shot number on your die casts.

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Converting Industry


With unique know-how in high speed on-the-fly laser processing of materials, we offer customized industrial solutions for in-line cutting, welding and marking.

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