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Laser Solutions for
the Metals Industry

Over the last few years, part producers downstream in the supply chain have asked metal smelters to significantly improve their traceability capabilities. To address this issue, Laserax offers inline laser marking solutions and OEM systems that are safe, efficient and low in maintenance—specially designed for one of the world’s most challenging environments. We take great pride in being the world leader in marking solutions for smelting plants.

To mark DMCs, barcodes, alphanumerical characters or logos on metals, the best results are obtained with the LXQ fiber laser. Those lasers are specialized at marking non-ferrous metals like aluminum, zinc, lead, and magnesium as well as various steel alloys.


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Laser Marking Expertise for Smelting Plants


To address tough conditions in smelting plants, we’ve developed robust solutions that can withstand heavy dust and high temperatures as well as keep up with short cycle times.

Permanent and packed with information, identifiers will maintain traceability however challenging the environment may be. Our lasers can engrave durable markings on all types of surfaces, including rough & curved ones, as well as surfaces with water or cutting oil on them.

  • Fastest marking
  • High positioning tolerance
  • Heat-treatment resistant 
  • Automated solutions
  • Industrial-grade equipment
  • Class 1 laser
  • No consumables 
  • Low maintenance

Applications in the Metals Industry

Laserax has earned the trust of metal smelters all over the world by successfully deploying more than 30 traceability solutions in their plants. Metal smelters use our technology to mark all types of semi-finished castings, including:


  • Billets
  • Sows
  • Rolling ingots 
  • Foundry ingots
  • T-ingots
  • Bundles
  • Anode rods 
  • Slabs

Standard Solutions and OEM Systems for Inline Traceability

Our product offer for the metals industry includes a range of standard laser marking solutions that can be integrated directly in your production lines. As a manufacturer of OEM systems, we also work in close partnership with the most renowned specialized equipment providers in the smelting industry.


On-the-Fly Laser Marking

Our turnkey machines and OEM systems can be used to perform “on-the-fly” marking where parts are marked as they move on a conveyor. This allows you to integrate laser marking into your production line without slowing down operations.

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Static Laser Marking

A marking station can be installed where parts are stopped for weighting, stacking or unmolding so that laser marking is performed in hidden time while waiting for another operation.

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Laser Cleaning to Remove Oxides

Laser cleaning offers possibilities that were previously nonexistent. One of them is oxide removal, which is a highly sought-after process by metal smelters. Whereas abrasive blasting methods tend to remove too much material, laser oxide removal leaves the base material completely intact, minimizing material loss. For expensive alloys, this results in a huge return on investment. Other laser cleaning applications include laser paint removal and laser rust removal.

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