Zinc ingots

Laser Etching Zinc Alloys

Laser etching is a fast process that can create black & white markings on zinc and zinc alloys. Fiber lasers are the most efficient at generating permanent & high-contrast identifiers on these materials. You can etch barcodes, data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, logos and even more on all types of zinc parts. These may include: 

  • Ingot bundles
  • Jumbo Blocks
  • Die cast ingots
  • Anode ingots
  • Slabs
  • Die castings
  • Automotive parts
  • And much more...

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High-Contrast & Permanent Laser Marking on Zinc

For the best contrast, black markings are etched on a white background. Such a high-quality contrast guarantees optimal inline readability.

Laser marking on xinc part


Laser technology allows you to replace two outdated technologies:

  • Printed labels, which tend to be damaged or fall off
  • Dot peening, whose low contrast often requires special lighting conditions

Laser etching is the only laser marking process that works well with zinc. Laser engraving does not generate a good contrast.