Shotblast Resistant Laser Marking

Faced with evolving traceability requirements and regulations, many automotive OEMs and parts suppliers are searching for ways to implement traceability before shotblasting. Since traditional direct part marking isn’t enough, we’ve developed a marking technology that protects 2D codes from shotblasting. 

If you need an inline solution, we’ve optimized the marking speed, making sure it keeps up with short cycle times. Die casted parts can now maintain complete traceability—from the extraction of the die all the way to the assembly line.

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What Does Shotblast Resistant Laser Marking
Look Like?

After carbon-steel or stainless-steel balls are shot on a component’s surface, codes and alphanumerical characters are typically erased. Our unique marking process resolves this issue with codes that remain readable after shotblasting.

Before shotblast laser marking

Before Shotblasting

After shotblast laser marking

After Shotblasting



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    Durable Markings

    For durable markings that maintain traceability through shotblasting, the key is to have codes that are the right size. Shotblasting removes traceability because blast particles enter the code’s cells, drastically reducing its contrast. With smaller cells, blast particles don’t penetrate the code.

    Our experts optimize the size of the data matrix to fit your shotblasting media. Two standard processes cover most of the available blast sizes, but we can also develop a specific process for your application.

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    Short Cycle Times

    To keep up with short cycle times, we have optimized the laser’s parameters and modified its standard optics to create very dense pulses of energy. Such pulses allow us to achieve greater depths in the least amount of time.

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    Integration Expertise in Casting Plants

    With high heat, strong vibrations, water vapor, oil and dust, the die casting cell creates the perfect storm for maintenance issues directly in the production line. Unlike other solutions, our lasers can operate with low maintenance in those conditions. We also offer turnkey solutions based on our expertise in casting plants.