Industrial Laser Trends

How to Choose the Best Fiber Laser Engraver
By Jerome Landry on September 04, 2023

Fiber lasers are ideal to engrave metal materials. If you don’t have the right information, choosing the right one will be challenging. But if you are willing to learn just the basics of fiber laser engraving, you can quickly identify the best laser engraver for your application.

What is Surface Preparation: Steps & Examples
By Catherine Veilleux on August 29, 2023

Whether you are coating, bonding, welding, or assembling metal parts, surface preparation is essential to ensure the high quality of your product. Failure to do proper surface preparation can lead to quality issues.

How to Do Surface Preparation for Adhesive Bonding
By Catherine Veilleux on July 26, 2023

Surface preparation is essential to ensure the success of adhesive bonding. It involves optimizing the surface of the substrate for a stronger bond with the adhesive. There are three primary aspects to surface preparation: removing contaminants, roughening the surface, and modifying the chemical composition.

Rotor Manufacturing Process for Electric Motors
By Stéphane Melançon on July 21, 2023

The rotor transfers power from the batteries to the wheels of an electric vehicle. Manufacturing rotors with the latest technologies improves the motor’s efficiency in many ways.

Fiber Laser Welding: Advantages, Systems and Applications
By Stéphane Melançon on May 05, 2023

Fiber laser welding is a welding process that uses a laser beam as the heat source. As non-contact tools, fiber lasers are low maintenance and offer fast welding speeds. The laser beam is highly precise and has a low heat input, which minimizes damage to the material

Epoxy Laser Cleaning Application for Electric Motors
By Catherine Veilleux on April 12, 2023

To ensure that e-motors preserve their efficiency over time, manufacturers protect conductive parts from contaminants with epoxy coating. Laser cleaning can be used to remove epoxy before laser welding and to remove contaminants before applying epoxy, ensuring a clean surface in both cases

How Laser Weld Monitoring Systems Work
By Stéphane Melançon on April 07, 2023

Laser welding needs to be controlled to detect bad welds and ensure quality. Ensuring good weld quality is getting more challenging, as laser welding is increasingly used for micro welding applications that demand more precision, like battery tab welding in the automotive industry. 

Electric Motor Manufacturing - 7 Ways the Industry is Changing
By Stéphane Melançon on April 07, 2023

We often think of the electrification of the industry as a movement away from fossil fuels to reduce global emissions. But there are other, less obvious implications that are affecting electric motor manufacturers and consumers.

Laserax Moves European Operations to New Location in Germany
By David Maltais on March 14, 2023

Canadian company Laserax solidifies its presence in the European automotive industry by moving its German office from Bremen to Bad Krozingen.