Industrial Laser Trends

Can Lasers Replace Thermal Spray Masking Tapes and Grits?
By Alex Fraser on July 13, 2022

Masking tapes have long been used to prevent specific areas from being spray coated or grit blasted. But did you know that lasers provide a faster and more reliable alternative that’s easier to automate?

7 Considerations Before Laser Engraving Metals
By Guillaume Jobin on July 02, 2022

Laser technology has come a long way since the introduction of the first laser in 1960. Nowadays, it is considered one of the best marking solutions for engraving metals, as it provides high-contrast, high-quality identifiers in all types of production lines.

Battery Pack Manufacturing Technologies
By Stéphane Melançon on June 23, 2022

Electric vehicle battery packs have complex requirements since they need to withstand large temperature ranges and vibrations. In this article, we will explore the complexities of EV battery manufacturing technologies.

5 Coating Removal Methods with Examples
By Alex Fraser on May 21, 2022

Whether you’re looking to remove phosphate coating, e-coating, powder coating, or epoxy, there is not a single method that works best for all applications. Laser cleaning, chemical stripping, abrasive blasting, burn-off ovens, induction heating, and other methods all come with different benefits and limitations.

Electric Vehicle Battery Cells Explained
By Stéphane Melançon on May 06, 2022

EV batteries are composed of cells, and there are many types of cells. In this article, we will break them down in categories and go over the most important types. We will also discuss possible future cell types and how they can change the automotive industry.

Prismatic Cells vs. Cylindrical Cells: What is the Difference?
By Stéphane Melançon on April 25, 2022

There are three main types of lithium-ion batteries: cylindrical cells, prismatic cells, and pouch cells. In the EV industry, the most promising developments revolve around cylindrical and prismatic cells.

EV Battery Pack Designs: An Overview
By Stéphane Melançon on April 25, 2022

A well-designed battery pack needs to compete with petrol-based engines when it comes to performance. That’s a real challenge because electric batteries need to overcome complex problems that internal combustion engines do not have.

EV Battery Cooling: Challenges and Solutions
By Stéphane Melançon on April 02, 2022

Today’s technology allows a more efficient use and control of the thermal energy in electric cars. Temperature management is optimized between components such as the battery, the HVAC system, the electric motor, and the inverter. This is done using what is called a Battery Thermal Management System.

Battery Tab Welding Methods
By Stéphane Melançon on February 17, 2022

Different welding methods are used to make all the necessary tab-to-terminal connections (foil-to-tab, tab-to-busbar, etc.) These methods include ultrasonic bonding, laser welding, resistance welding, and micro TIG welding. Whether one method is better suited than another depends on the requirements, such as the combination of materials and the tab thickness.