Automotive Part Marking Technologies - Which One to Choose?
By Keven Tremblay on July 17, 2019

If you are struggling to find a marking method for traceability, or simply for process improvement, you are not the only one.

Data Matrix Codes vs. QR Codes – What is the Difference?
By Keven Tremblay on June 27, 2019

2D codes such as data matrix and QR codes are used in almost all industries to share information about the parts or products on which they are marked.

Process Control with Laser Direct Part Marking by Arick Kaschalk
By Normand Lemieux on April 03, 2018

Hear what Arick Kaschalk from Visi-Trak, a leading provider of monitoring and control solutions to the die casting industry, has to say about the burning subjects of the hour for diecasters:...

Industrial Traceability: Barcodes and 2D Codes
By Normand Lemieux on January 17, 2018 Direct Part Marking (LDPM) is the identification of individual parts (or bundle of parts) with unique identifiers. The identifiers are marked directly onto the products. Download the guide:...

Webcast: Part Traceability and Permanent Laser Marking
By Normand Lemieux on November 21, 2017

Lasers were first used in industrial applications by Western Electric in 1965 (1). Since then, lasers have been adopted in many other industrial applications. Laserax has become a leader in permanent...

Understanding Common Aluminum Alloys Series
By Normand Lemieux on July 12, 2017

Pure aluminum is seldom used in common industrial applications. It is usually alloyed with other metals. The choice of additives depends on the ultimate intended use of the product. In ESAB knowledge...

Magnesium Parts Traceability in the Automotive Industry
By Normand Lemieux on May 02, 2017

Magnesium alloys have many characteristics that makes them interesting alternative to steel and aluminum in the...