Industrial Laser Solutions for the Automotive & EV Industry

To address the most demanding automotive requirements, Laserax provides the fastest lasers on the market. Our turnkey solutions are built with industrial grade components and meet class-1 laser safety standards.

We’ve developed exclusive processes for the industry. Our laser marking meets cradle-to-grave traceability requirements when parts are shotblasted, coated, and so on. Our cleaning expertise also allows manufacturers to get rid of masking. They can selectively remove paint instead, leaving a texture that improves adhesion if needed.

With the current transition from combustion engines to electric motors, lasers will play an even bigger role than before, with laser cleaning and welding becoming major processes for battery manufacturing.

Our Customers

Automotive parts


Powertrain & Drivetrain Systems

Powertrain and drivetrain manufacturers can improve efficiency and quality with laser technology. Traceability can be implemented at the start of production by etching high-contrast codes that withstand e-coating, phosphating, and heat treating. Moreover, masking is no longer needed in paint lines, as lasers can automatically clean assembly areas after painting or phosphating.

  • Steering columns
  • Steering shafts

Electric Vehicles

Laser technology is a key ally in the EV transition. A range of laser processes that include laser marking, cleaning, texturing, and welding contribute to the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of EV production lines.

  • Stators & rotors
  • E-axles
  • Drive motors
  • Electric drive train systems
Seating parts

Seating & Stamping

Stamping manufacturers can improve their traceability capabilities by generating a unique identifier for each part right at the exit of the stamping press. They can also replace manual masking operations with selective paint removal.


Foundries & Casting Plants

Our marking systems are made to operate in the harsh conditions of foundries and casting plants, where it’s essential to have industrial grade components, fast processing speeds, and markings that maintain traceability through processes like shotblasting, e-coating, and powder coating.

  • Engine blocks
  • Transmission cases
  • Connecting Rods


Learn About Our Casting Plant Expertise

Featured applications for the automotive industry

Marking machines speed

Fastest Laser Marking Speeds

Laserax offers the fastest laser markers on the market. Our configuration is optimized to mark metals and is adjusted for each application, accounting for different types of metals, surfaces, positioning variations, and so on.

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Shotblast resistant video

Post Process Resistant Laser Marking

Shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating, phosphating, and heat treating no longer prevent manufacturers from achieving 100% traceability. Laserax has developed laser processes that protect 2D codes from these processes, making it possible to laser mark a unique identifier on each part right at the start of production.

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Paint removal with laser machine

Selective Paint Removal & Texturing with Laser Surface Processing

It is no secret that masking requires too much time and labor. Now, manufacturers with high-volume productions can coat the entire part, then use laser cleaning to selectively remove the coating from welding or assembly areas. It is also possible to leave a texture that improves adhesion if needed.

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Benefits of Our Laser Technology

Laserax brings laser technology to new levels with unique laser processes developed for the industry. Our faster processing speeds, shotblast resistant laser engraving, and turnkey solutions are just a few examples of what we do to set the highest manufacturing standards and meet our clients’ requirements.

  • Fastest lasers
  • Post process resistant markings
  • Cleaning & marking with a single unit
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Class-1 laser safety
  • Industrial grade components

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