Fully Automated Laser Marker Open-Air Machine (OAM)

The OAM is an inline laser marking machine designed to apply direct part marking within a fabrication process. It is a set-and-forget laser system that is perfect for adding traceability on parts held by a robot.

The robot brings the part to be laser-etched in front of the laser aperture. Safety presence sensors ensure a 100% safe laser marking process. When the marking and quality control is completed, the robot moves the part to the next operation in the production cycle.

This laser machine is particularly well-adapted in situations where: 

  • Part to part traceability needs to be applied inline in a harsh environment  
  • Available robot idle time is greater than the required laser marking time 
  • Floor space constraints require the installation of machines with a small footprint
  • Parts need to be marked at high temperature and/or withstand shotblasting
  • Code validation must be done inline after the marking  
  • Equipment is required to be compliant with Class 1 laser safety standards 

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Advantages of Laserax’s Open Air Laser Markers

  1. Keep it Simple
    This standalone marking unit has no moving parts, making it the most reliable solution on the market.
  2. Easy Retrofit
    A standard adaptable concept that can easily be retrofitted on existing production lines with minimal footprint impact.
  3. Shotblast Resistant Marking
    Laserax patented shotblast resistant marking allows you to benefit from inline traceability while maintaining automotive grade DMC.
  4. Constant Quality Control
    With integrated DMC validation, guarantees compliance with the most challenging traceability standards.
  5. Completely Safe
    Laser safety achieved through standard nozzles and safety proximity sensors for a risk-free solution.


Automated Laser Marker

The OAS is demonstrated here alongside a die-casting machine. The integration with existing production equipment is flawless. Laserax’s fiber lasers provide the speed and accuracy required for a reliable marking every time.

Diecast Laser Engraving

Laserax’s industrial laser markers can easily etch a label on aluminum diecasts. As shown in this video, crisp and highly contrasted marks can be created in a very short time.


Cascade Die Casting logo  

“The whole challenge was to find a partner with the same can-do attitude and hard-working mindset that are at the heart of Cascades Die Casting Group’s culture. We found in Laserax exactly what we were looking for.“

Mark Petro, Director of Engineering at Cascade Die Casting Group



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