Industrial Laser Solutions for Foundries & Casting Plants 

To reduce the size of recalls, new automotive OEM programs are requiring foundries and casting plants to improve their traceability capabilities. To apply to these programs, you often need to:

  • Mark parts as soon as they’re created to achieve 100% traceability 
  • Replace batch numbers with a unique serial number for each casting 
  • Mark a unique identifier into each sand mold  
  • Mark castings to be shotblasted or e-coated  
  • Perform fast inline identification to prevent slowdowns in production 
  • Minimize maintenance in harsh conditions 
With our optimized laser marking solutions, we have already helped foundries all over the world meet these requirements. 

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Complete Traceability in Foundries and Casting Plants

Sand Marking

Fiber lasers can be used to engrave identifiers into sand molds and cores so that a unique, permanent identifier is transferred onto each casting. This is the method of choice to implement traceability all the way to the sand.

Shotblast Resistant Laser Engraving

Laserax has developed a unique process to implement traceability at the exit of the die, before shotblasting. The laser process adjusts the size of the identifiers based on the blast particles to prevent shotblasting from removing identifiers.

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E-Coat Resistant Laser Marking

Coatings can make identifiers unreadable, affecting your ability to implement traceability. While masking is traditionally used to protect codes, it is a slow process that is prone to error. Laserax has developed a laser process to mark castings with identifiers that are readable through e-coating, making sure you meet your AIM DPM requirements. 

Fastest Laser Markers

Marking inline for traceability means marking fast to prevent bottlenecks. Every time our lasers are benchmarked against lasers of similar power, they are the fastest. With up to 500W of laser power, they can meet any cycle time requirements.

Laser Solutions for the Foundry Industry 

Autofocus Technology

Equipped with advanced autofocus and vision systems, our lasers can compensate for part positioning variations of all sorts, including thermal distortion, flashing, and imperfect part holding. 

Complete solutions
Complete Solutions

Our experts look at your complete manufacturing process to provide a turnkey solution that addresses all your needs. Our solutions include fume management, lens protection, class-1 laser safety, post-process resistance, barcode validation, and much more.

Industrial Grade

Without sufficient protection, high heat, vibrations, water vapor, lubricant particles, and dust can damage marking systems. Our lasers are built to operate with low maintenance in these harsh conditions, minimizing downtime and maximizing the laser’s lifetime. 

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