Laser Cleaning and Rust Removal

Laser rust removal, a type of laser cleaning, is an effective process for cleaning up metal parts. When a laser beam is shone on a metal surface at an intensity below its ablation threshold, the energy of the laser beam is dispersed as heat, but it has no permanent effect on the metal.

All materials have characteristics that define their behavior under specific conditions. Everyone knows about melting point, density, ductility, electrical conductivity. A less known characteristic of metals is their ablation threshold.

Rust, paint, varnishes and other contaminants all have ablation threshold below that of most metal.

One can easily set the laser parameters so that the intensity of the laser beam is just above the ablation threshold of the contaminant but below that of the metal to be cleaned. Resulting in the removal of the contaminant without affecting the base metal in any way.

Several passes may be required, especially for thick layers of industrial paints. But the results are well worth the efforts.

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Why use a laser for rust removal?

Fast and reliable technology

Laser allows the efficient and rapid cleaning and removal of rust on metal parts with various geometries.

Low maintenance, low consumables costs

Industrial laser systems are very low maintenance and have no consumable costs.

Enhanced versatility and productivity

Laser rust removal and cleaning systems are very interesting alternatives to manual and chemical cleaning methods. Cleaning trajectories can be instantaneously and easily changed through software.

Low energy consumption

New fiber laser cleaning technologies offer lower electrical consumption.

How Does Laser Rust Removal Work

Rust is a substance formed by the corrosion of iron, it requires  the presence of oxygen and water. Rust is a slow oxidation which, with time, will damage the material. An incident high-power laser beam is quickly absorbed by the rust layer at the surface of a metal part. The rapid heating of the rust layer causes its melting and vaporization. With optimized process parameters, it is possible to remove the rust layer without damaging the underlying material.

Such a processes can be done in-situ with fiber laser cleaners such as Laserax's mobile laser cleaning system.

For laser rust removal speeds, read the technical paper.

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Laser Machines

3D Autofocus Fiber Laser With Imaging Scanner (LXQ 3D Vision)

3D Autofocus Fiber Laser With Imaging Scanner (LXQ 3D Vision)

With the patent pending LXQ 3D Vision, Laserax offers the first adaptative traceability laser engraver. You get the joint benefits of laser engraving and 3D imaging.

LXQ 3D Vision

3D Focus Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ 3D)

3D Focus Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ 3D)

This 3-axis fiber laser system permits industrial laser marking on various part geometries. Metal engraving machines that use this system will perform fast and reliable laser etching on various part geometries.


2D Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ)

2D Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ)

The LXQ series offers the most efficient and reliable industrial laser marking machines on the market. They’re certified for the IP67 class protection, and offer a laser power of up to a 100 W.


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