• Industrial Laser Machine Rental

Industrial Laser Machine Rental

Our laser welding, cleaning, texturing, and marking machines are available for rent on a monthly basis. They can help you meet temporary production needs, start production while waiting for a machine, evaluate laser technology in a production environment, or minimize the financial risk associated with ownership.

Our laser machine rentals include shipping, laser process development, on-site training, fixtures and tooling, and remote support. Machines rentals are available worldwide and are delivered preprogrammed, ready to use.


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Laser Rental Options

Laser Welding Machine

Laser Welding Machine

Our laser welding machine is equipped with a 2000W continuous wave fiber laser. It is ideal to make cell-to-busbar connections for cylindrical and prismatic batteries. R&D teams can use it to develop their process and start making small production batches.

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Laser Cleaning & Texturing Machine

Laser Cleaning & Texturing Machine

With the choice of a 100W or 200W pulsed fiber laser, this laser machine can be used to clean or texture a range of parts, such as battery cells, battery tray castings, and battery modules.

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Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Machine

Powered by a 100W pulsed fiber laser system, our laser marking machines can permanently mark all metals, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium, lead, zinc, and copper.

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Why Rent a Laser Machine?

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    Address Temporary Production Needs

    Production is not always steady and some needs may not recur. Renting is ideal to:

    • Preproduce parts to apply for a program
    • Accommodate a client who wants to make preproduction batches
    • Meet a short-term surge in production
    • Process parts with a laser for a limited time or for a single batch
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    Evaluate Laser Technology in Your Manufacturing Process

    By renting a laser machine, you can test laser technology in your manufacturing process. This is the best way to make sure that the laser process works within the real-world conditions and timing of your process.

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    Start Producing Now

    Meeting manufacturing deadlines is not always easy. Acquiring new machines can take weeks or even months—especially with supply chain disruptions.

    If you need to begin production as soon as possible, renting a laser machine is a viable temporary solution until you receive the one you ordered.

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    Minimize the Financial Risk

    You may find it easier to fit a laser machine in your budget if you rent it. While acquiring a laser is a high investment, renting allows you to return the machine whenever you want. This puts your company less at risk if your budget is tight.