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Fiber and CO2 laser markers have long been used in production lines, but not without issues. If you’ve ever had to deal with marking speeds that don’t match your expectations, lack of support from a laser expert, or difficulties with part positioning to be in focus, it may be time to switch to higher quality laser marking systems. 

Every time a Laserax laser is benchmarked, it is faster, provides a better readability rate and has a larger positioning tolerance. To guarantee consistent results, our experts provide the tools you need. Among them, our air knife prevents dust accumulation on the lens, and our autofocus system adjusts the marking for positioning variations. 

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OEM Laser Systems for Integrators 

Each laser series offers a different range of power, operates at a specific wavelength and is optimized for different applications. Our fiber laser marking systems are optimized to process metals, whereas our CO2 laser marking systems are optimized for organic materials

  • LXQ-LP Series – Low-Power Fiber Laser Markers

    The LXQ-LP is our most affordable laser marker. It is equipped with a high-quality 2D head that tolerates 5 mm of depth variation on flat surfaces. Available with a maximum of 20W, it is ideal when cycle time is not an issue or when you need a manually operated workstation.

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  • LXQ Series - Fiber Laser Markers

    The LXQ provides the best marking results on metals and can meet all types of cycle times with up to 100W of power. It allows you to mark any geometry, compensate for bended parts, and mark at a 45° angle. It is widely used in the automotive industry. 

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  • LXQ-HP series

    LXQ-HP Series - High Power Fiber Lasers

    With up to 500W of available laser power, the LXQ-HP is the most powerful single-mode laser system on the market. It provides unmatched marking, cleaning and texturing performance. A fully functional electrical cabinet is included to meet its heat management requirements. 

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  • LXM Series - CO2 Laser Markers

    Optimized to mark or cut thin and flat materials, LXM lasers can process fabrics, cardboard, plastics, polymers and similar types of materials with high precision and high speed. 

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One Laser, Multiple Applications

Simplify laser integration by always working with the same tools. A single Laserax laser can perform laser marking, cleaning, texturing and hardening. To achieve this, our experts adjust the laser configuration for each application.   

In addition, all our lasers use the same controller module. This means that you can always work in the same environment when connecting cables and programming data exchange. 


Laser marking applications by materials

Fiber Laser Marking Applications 

Laser marking systems can be configured to create deep engravings into the surface (laser engraving), small bumps on the surface (laser etching), or color changes under the surface (laser annealing).  

The marking process you need depends on the material being marked. It also depends on the required durability for data matrix codes, serial numbers and so on. 

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Laser cleaning applications by adjusting laser beam power

Fiber Laser Cleaning Applications 

Our fiber laser markers can remove paint, rust, aluminum oxides, stainless steel oxides, and other contaminants from metal surfaces through laser ablation.  

This is done by adjusting the intensity of the laser beam for each type of material that needs to be removed. We can adjust the number of pulses per second, the spot size or the peak power.  

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Texturing metals with fiber laser power

Fiber Laser Texturing Applications 

Our fiber laser marking systems can texture metal surfaces to prepare them for adhesive bonding, coating and laser cladding. They can also improve adhesion for mechanical seals. This is done by ablating precise patterns onto the surface such as holes and dimples. 

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Benefits of Our Laser Marking Systems 

  • Avoid Mechanical Adjustments

    Never again mechanically adjust part positioning at the last minute. Our laser markers are equipped with everything you need to be in focus all the time.  

    • Our 2D heads have a depth of focus of 6 mm— the highest standard for 2D heads.  
    • For deeper variations, our 3D heads add a large focusing range. 
    • If parts are positioned randomly in the marking area, our 3D autofocus system adds up to 3 axes of compensation to automatically adjust the marking configuration for each part.  
    • If moving parts need to be marked on the fly, you just need to provide an encoder signal. 
  • Install High-Quality Inline Solutions

    Our lasers generate the lowest maintenance you can get from laser technology. Not only do they rely on a non-contact marking process without consumables, but all our laser heads are certified IP67. In addition, the laser source installed in our solid-state fiber lasers can continuously operate for 100,000 hours—which represents more than 10 years.  

  • Accelerate Integration

    Save time during the engineering and commissioning of your laser marking machines. Laserax can deliver preconfigured peripherals, including a barcode reader, an air knife to protect the lens and more. We also offer a Class-1 laser safety certification service to help you design marking solutions that protect workers from laser emissions. 

  • Meet Challenging Requirements

    Designed to meet today’s throughput requirements and AIM DPM specifications, our systems consistently generate high-contrast 2D codes, even in high-speed production lines. To meet strict traceability requirements, they can also engrave direct part markings that remain readable through shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating and heat treating. 

  • Get Support From Laser Experts

    Whenever you need help, contact us and get real-time remote support through our secure platform. Our experts will be able to take control of the laser if needed and troubleshoot your issues.  

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