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Laser Markers - Laser Marking Systems

Laserax laser markers are the ideal choice for industrial applications. We offer fiber and CO2 lasers with laser powers between 10W and 1,000W. Our systems are used to create permanent marks on metals, sands, and organic materials. 

  • Best Marking Speed & Quality
    Our laser markers are recognized all over the world for their combination of speed and quality. Manufacturers work with us to address challenging requirements, meet fast cycle times, integrate a system in a tough environment, maintain readability through post-treatments, stay in focus when part positioning is inconsistent, or achieve high readability rates.
  • Flexible Integration
    We can build laser systems with custom components for your needs. For example, we can adjust the fiber cable length and the laser’s dimensions.

    We also offer tools like air knives to prevent dust accumulation on the lens and autofocus systems to adjust the marking for positioning variations. Everything comes preconfigured for your project, including focussing optics, barcode validation, and more.
  • Complete Support
    Our experts provide the support you need to make integration a success. They can help with laser safety, dust & fume management, focus adjustments, barcode reading, and more.

    We can also advise you on 2D codes, serial numbers and VIN numbers, help you choose between data matrix codes and QR codes, decide what information to encode to optimize the code’s size, and pick the best location for identifiers.

Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Fiber lasers are ideal to mark a wide a variety of materials, including metals and sands. All Laserax fiber lasers are doped with ytterbium to produce a wavelength of 1,064 nm. 

  • Low-Power Fiber Laser Markers

    The LXQ-LP is our most affordable laser marker. It is equipped with a 2D head that tolerates 5 mm of depth variation on flat surfaces. Available with a maximum of 20W, it is ideal for longer cycle times or when you need a manually operated workstation.

    • Most affordable laser marker
    • 10W–20W of laser power
    • 1,064 nm wavelength
    • 2D head with ±2.5 mm tolerance on flat surfaces
  • LXQ Fiber Laser Markers

    The LXQ provides the best marking results on metals and can meet most cycle times with up to 100W of power. It allows you to mark any geometry, compensate for bended parts, and mark at a 45° angle.

    • 20W–100W of laser power
    • 1,064 nm wavelength
    • 2D and 3D heads available
    • Can mark, clean, and texture surfaces
    • Industrial grade
  • High-Power Fiber Laser Markers

    With up to 1,000W of available laser power, the LXQ-HP is the most powerful single-mode laser system on the market. It provides unmatched marking, cleaning and texturing performance. An electrical cabinet is included to address heat management requirements.

    • 200W–1kW of laser power
    • 1,064 nm wavelength
    • 2D and 3D heads available
    • Can mark, clean, and texture surfaces
    • Electrical cabinet included for heat management
    • Industrial grade

CO2 Laser Marking Systems 

CO2 lasers are ideal to mark organic materials like plastics and polymers. They can also be used to mark and cut thin materials like cardboard and fabrics. 

  • LXM - CO2 Laser Markers

    Optimized to mark or cut thin and flat materials, LXM lasers can process fabrics, cardboard, plastics, polymers and similar types of materials with high precision and high speed.

    • 20W–70W of laser power
    • Adjustable wavelength (9.3 µm–10.6 µm)
    • Industrial grade

Laser Marking Machines

Laserax offers multiple laser marking solutions ready to be integrated in production lines. They include everything needed to make the operation a success, including laser safety, fume extraction, barcode reading, and more.

Laser marking machines

One Laser, Multiple Applications


A single Laserax laser can perform multiple laser processes. To achieve this, our experts make small adjustments to the laser parameters and to the optical components.

This simplifies and speeds up integrations, as the same laser system can be used for all your integrations. In addition, all Laserax lasers use the same controller module. This allows system integrators to work in the same environment when connecting cables and programming data exchange.

  • Laser etching
  • Laser engraving
  • Laser annealing
  • Laser cleaning
  • Laser texturing
  • Laser hardening

Laser Marking Applications

There are several types of laser marking processes. The one you need depends on factors such as the material being marked and the required durability for data matrix codes and serial numbers.


Laser Etching

  • Fastest laser marking process
  • High-contrast black & white marks
  • Generates low levels of dust and fumes
  • Readable through thin coatings & heat treatments

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Laser engraving video

Laser Engraving

  • Slower laser marking process
  • Digs into the material to create dark cavities
  • High-contrast possible by etching a pale background
  • Generates medium to high levels of dust and fumes
  • Readable through thick coatings & abrasive blasting

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Deep engraving example

Deep Engraving

  • Time intensive process
  • Carves 3D forms (typically logos & drawings)
  • Aesthetic surface finish
  • Generates high levels of dust and fumes

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Laser annealing video

Laser Annealing

  • Slow process
  • Creates color changes under the surface 
  • No dust or fumes
  • Ideal for stainless steel

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Other Laser Applications

Our laser marking systems can be used for more than just laser marking. The same laser can also be used for cleaning and texturing, making it possible to perform multiple processes in a single operation.


Laser cleaning video

Laser Cleaning

  • Removes surface contaminants like oxides, rust, dust, oil, and grease
  • Strips paints and coatings
  • The laser beam’s intensity is adjusted for each type of material that needs to be removed
  • Precise areas are cleaned 
  • Laser ablation causes no damage to the substrate

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Laser texturing video

Laser Texturing

  • Modifies the surface roughness and texture by etching patterns into the surface
  • Improves mechanical interlocking for coatings, adhesives, and cladding materials

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Laser Marking by Industry


Benefits of Our Laser Marking Systems

  • laser tools

    Avoid Mechanical Adjustments

    Many laser markers on the market require last-minute mechanical adjustments to adjust for part positioning. This is not the case with Laserax. Our laser systems have the features to be in focus all the time, making integrations smoother.

    • Our 2D heads have a depth of focus of 6 mm— the highest standard for 2D heads.
    • For deeper variations, our 3D heads add a large focusing range.
    • If parts are positioned randomly in the marking area, our 3D autofocus system adds up to 3 axes of compensation to automatically adjust the marking configuration for each part.
    • If moving parts need to be marked on the fly, you just need to provide an encoder signal.


  • Inline icon

    Install High-Quality Inline Solutions

    Our lasers generate the lowest maintenance you can get from laser technology. Not only do they rely on a non-contact marking process without consumables, but all our laser heads are certified IP67. In addition, the laser source installed in our solid-state fiber lasers can continuously operate for 100,000 hours—which represents more than 10 years.

  • Cycle times safe with laser marking conveyor

    Accelerate Integration

    Save time during the engineering and commissioning of your laser marking machines. Laserax can deliver preconfigured peripherals, including a barcode reader, an air knife to protect the lens and more. We also offer a Class-1 laser safety certification service to help you design marking solutions that protect workers from laser emissions.

  • Laser head and material marked

    Meet Challenging Requirements

    Designed to meet today’s throughput requirements and AIM DPM specifications, our systems consistently generate high-contrast 2D codes, even in high-speed production lines. To meet strict traceability requirements, they can also engrave direct part markings that remain readable through shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating and heat treating.

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    Get Support from Laser Experts

    Whenever you need help, contact us and get real-time remote support through our secure platform. Our experts will be able to take control of the laser if needed and troubleshoot your issues.

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