Laser Markers (OEM Laser Marking Systems)

Laserax manufactures fiber and CO2 laser marking systems that generate high-quality barcodes and serial numbers. Designed for high-speed marking and high-volume production lines, our systems can be integrated at the start of the production process to meet today’s traceability requirements and AIM-DPM specifications—even if the manufacturing process includes surface treatments like shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating or heat treating.

Our experts can help you integrate laser markers into production lines, working with you to design laser marking solutions that meet all laser safety requirements.

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OEM Laser Systems for Manufacturers & Integrators

Laserax offers two series of laser systems—solid-state fiber lasers and CO2 lasers—to mark a wide variety of materials. Those two types of systems rely on a non-contact laser technology that functions without consumables, offering high repeatability and low maintenance in automated industrial environments.

  • LXQ Series - Fiber Laser Markers

    LXQ fiber laser marking systems are specialized at marking metal workpieces and can be used to generate high-precision markings on all types of part geometries. With the highest part-positioning tolerance on the market, the LXQ series helps you avoid complex mechanical adjustments and allows you to mark parts on the fly.

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  • LXM Series - CO2 Laser Markers

    The LXM series includes CO2 laser markers that can function at different wavelengths and power levels to mark various organic materials. CO2 laser markers can also mark parts while they’re moving on a conveyor.

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Features and Benefits of Our Laser Marking Systems

  • Designed for Inline Solutions

    If you want to maximize the uptime and efficiency of inline solutions, you will find everything you need in our lasers.

    • Meet the most demanding throughput requirements with the fastest lasers on the market. Our maximum output power is unmatched by other manufacturers.
    • Adapt the marking process to each production line with optimized configurations. Our durable markings can even resist shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating, heat treating, and more.
    • Prevent bad markings and get optimized results for every part with our automatic adjustment feature.
    • Monitor marking quality as soon as 2D codes are marked with our integrated barcode validation feature.
    • Avoid unnecessary downtime with efficient and reliable lasers that offer years of operation with the same marking speed and quality. The laser head is completely sealed, and an air knife protects the lens by blowing a continuous airstream.
    • Design Class-1 safety enclosures with the help of our laser safety experts.
  • Reduced Overall Cost

    Our laser systems simplify marking solutions and minimize their overall cost, providing the best trade-off between technology investment and profitability.

    • Avoid additional mechanical components and reduce your laser machine’s complexity & footprint with the highest part-positioning tolerance on the market. Our laser systems have a large depth of field & working volume, can mark moving parts, and automatically adjust the marking configuration for each part position.
    • Simplify your laser safety certification. With our optional Class-1 standard accessories, you can shorten your solution’s design phase and avoid costly laser safety issues.
    • Laser technology exceeds expectations when compared to conventional marking methods. It is a non-contact technique that functions without consumables. In addition, it is extremely low in maintenance and requires no production changeover.
    • Perform multiple laser applications with a single unit. Our fiber lasers can be used for laser marking, laser cleaning, laser texturing and laser hardening.
  • Straightforward Integration

    We’ve made integration easy and accessible to save you time during the engineering and commissioning of your laser marking machines.

    • Configure advanced functions through direct peripheral connections on the controller’s back panel.
    • Guarantee trouble-free machine compatibility with standard industrial communication protocols, including PROFINET & EtherNet/IP.
    • Simply use our laser’s built-in web-based HMI into standard visualization platforms.
    • Quickly learn how to operate the laser and connect it to your PLC using our quick start programs for Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs.

    Whenever you need help from us, our experts can remotely control the laser using a secure cloud VPN to offer real-time technical support, including pre-sales assistance, engineering services, remote installation, remote training, and after-sales support.


A Marking Process for Each Application

When you buy a laser marking system, it can either be configured to create deep engravings into the surface (laser engraving), small bumps on the surface (laser etching), or color changes under the surface (laser annealing).

For all applications, the process will depend on the material. To mark stainless steel for example, you can only use laser annealing. But for steel and aluminum, you can choose between laser etching and laser engraving.

To provide the best results, those marking processes are also optimized for each marking application. The parameters consider the material to be marked, the post surface treatments in the manufacturing process (if any), the cycle time, the information to be encoded, and much more.

This optimization generates a high contrast, minimizes the marking time and creates the most resistant marks. It’s then no surprise that laser markers are the most versatile direct part marking solutions on the market.

Contact us, our laser experts will help you decide whether you need a laser annealing, a laser etching, or a laser engraving machine.

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