Laser Markers (OEM Laser Marking Systems)

Laserax manufactures fiber and CO2 laser marking systems that generate high-quality barcodes and serial numbers. Designed for high-speed marking and high-volume productions, our systems can be integrated at the start of the production process to meet today’s traceability requirements—even if your manufacturing process includes surface treatments like shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating or heat treating.

To integrate laser markers into existing production lines, our laser marking machines provide pre-engineered solutions that are already class-1 certified to guarantee complete laser safety. 

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OEM Laser Systems for Integrators & Manufacturers

Laserax offers two series of laser systems—solid-state fiber lasers and CO2 lasers—to mark a wide variety of materials. Those two types of systems rely on a non-contact laser technology that functions without consumables, offering high repeatability and low maintenance.  

  • LXQ Series - Fiber Laser Markers

    Ranging from 20W to 500W and operating at 1064 nm, the LXQ series includes fiber laser marking systems specialized at marking metal workpieces. LXQ fiber lasers can be used to mark all types of part geometries. With their 300mm x 300mm marking window, they can also mark moving parts on the fly.

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  • LXM Series - CO2 Laser Markers

    The LXM series includes CO2 laser markers that can function at different wavelengths and power levels to mark various organic materials. CO2 laser markers can also mark parts while they’re moving on a conveyor.

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Integrate Laser Marking Systems in Production Lines

To integrate automated laser systems into existing production lines, Laserax has collaborated with manufacturers in the automotive and the primary metals industries to design robust, efficient and class-1 compliant laser marking machines.

  • Automated solutions
  • 100% laser safe
  • Small footprint
  • For industrial conditions


A Marking Process for Each Application

When you buy a laser marking system, it can either be configured to create deep engravings into the surface (laser engraving), small bumps on the surface (laser etching), or color changes under the surface (laser annealing). 

For all applications, the process will depend on the material. To mark stainless steel for example, you can only use laser annealing. But for steel and aluminum, you can choose between laser etching and laser engraving.

To provide the best results, those marking processes are also optimized for each marking application. The parameters consider the material to be marked, the post surface treatments in the manufacturing process (if any), the cycle time, the information to be encoded, and much more.

This optimization generates the best contrast, minimizes the marking time and creates the most resistant marks. It’s then no surprise that laser markers are the most versatile direct part marking solutions on the market.

Contact us, our laser experts will help you decide whether you need a laser annealing, a laser etching, or a laser engraving machine.

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