• LXQ -LP Fiber  Laser Marking Systems

LXQ-LP Series – 10W & 20W Fiber Laser Marking Systems

With its simplicity of design and low output power, the LXQ-LP is our most affordable fiber laser marker. It is specifically designed to be easily integrated in production lines or manually operated marking stations where cycle time is not a constraint.

The LXQ-LP also has marking capabilities that prevent on-site mechanical adjustments. Coupled with its high reliability, it is the perfect tool to minimize your investment without compromising quality.  

A High Return on Investment 

LXQ-LP Low operational Costs

Low Operational Costs 

Running on electricity alone, our fiber laser markers are extremely energy efficient. They’re also practically maintenance free. Built with components that have a proven reliability record, they show no signs of fatigue when it comes to marking quality and speed, even when operating 24/7 for more than 10 years. 

Preconfigured for Quick Start

Preconfigured for Quick Start

The laser marker and its optional peripherals are delivered preconfigured, pre-calibrated and pre-tested with the best configuration for each application. Controlled using PROFINET or Ethernet/IP, the modules include a web-based HMI software to rapidly take control of the laser as well as quick start programs for PLCs.  

Easy Installation

Easy Installation 

Easy to integrate, our low-power laser systems have a lightweight laser head with a small footprint. The accompanying modules are fastened to a standard 19-inch rack frame so you can install the whole setup without complications. 

No mechanical adjustements

No Mechanical Adjustments

With much better marking capabilities than other lasers on the market, the LXQ-LP prevents complex mechanical designs so you can reduce integration costs. Our laser configuration offers the greatest flexibility in terms of marking field and positioning tolerance. 

Class-1 Laser Certification Service  

To simplify integration and prevent safety issues, our laser experts can work with you to safely enclose your solutions in accordance with international standards. You can work with us to design custom enclosures, or you can integrate a complete solution with our standard enclosures. 

Real-Time Remote Support 

We understand that you may need help from laser experts to quickly deal with issues during integration. Wherever you are, you can use the remote support platform embedded in the laser controller to grant full control of the laser to our experts. This feature can be used for remote installation support, training and after-sales support. On-site support is also available.   

Laser System Options 

Laser Power 

The LXQ-LP is available with 10W or 20W of output power.   

For high-speed applications, 30W to 100W fiber lasers are available as part of the LXQ Series, and 200W to 500W fiber lasers as part of the LXQ-HP series. 

Lens Configuration 

Our standard lens provides the best optical configuration for most part marking requirements. The marking field is large, and the marking distance is long enough to reduce dust accumulation on the lens. 

Our advanced lens is used to obtain a laser engraver. This configuration helps the laser create deep engravings into the material to create more durable markings. It can also be used or to texture surfaces. 

Barcode Validation  

If you have part traceability needs, our barcode validation system and Cognex camera validate marking quality as soon as 2D codes are marked. The camera is delivered preconfigured and only needs to be connected to the controller’s back panel.  


Installed on the lens to protect it, the air-knife blows a continuous airstream that prevents dust accumulation. This guarantees consistent high-quality results and greatly reduces lens cleaning maintenance. 

For our complete list of features and options, contact a Laserax expert.

Technical Specifications

The LXQ-LP series offers configurations that are ideal to mark small codes, or when marking time isn’t an issue.  

Download LXQ-LP Spec Sheet

Category Specifications
Nominal Laser Output Power  10W, 20W 
Nominal Pulse Repetition Rate  10 kHz, 20kHz 
Power Consumption  240W, 250W 
Laser Type  Solid-state ytterbium-doped fiber 
Supply Voltage  24 VDC 
Pulse Energy  Up to 1 mJ  
Pulse Width  100 ns for 3 m fiber cable 
125 ns for 5 m fiber cable 
Wavelength  1064 nm 
Beam Quality  <2 
Laser Safety Class  Class 4 laser product: CSA-E60825-1:15, 21 CFR 1040.10, IEC 60825-1 
Cooling  Air Cooling
Fiber Cable Length  3m 
Fiber Cable Minimum Bending Radius Static: 80 mm
Dynamic: 150 mm
Laser Source MTBF  100,000 hours 
Barcode validation (optional)  Cognex DataMan 260 Series
Cognex DataMan 370 Series
Remote Access Security Protocol  OpenVPN (encrypted channel – OpenSSL) 
HMI Software Web based, Allen-Bradley, Siemens
I/O Terminal Block I/O, M12-5 pins, Encoder Signal
Communications Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, RS - 232, OPC/UA, USB
Dimensions ( W x H x D ) Source: 4U rackmount, 483 x 177 x 500 mm 
Control: 3U rackmount, 483 x 133 x 500 mm 
2D Head: 117 x 149 x 500 mm
Weight Laser: 17 kg 
Control: 9 kg
2D Head: 4.8 kg
Environmental Conditions 1 Temperature: 10 °C to 35 °C 
Humidity: 10% to 90% (without condensation)
Approvals  cULus Listed, CE 

Lens Specifications

Focal Length  254mm 420mm
Max Scanning Speed  18 m/s  30 m/s 
Nominal Spot Size   50 µm  80 µm
Nominal Marking Distance  315 mm 527 mm 
Nominal Marking Field Size  175 x 175 mm  300 x 300 mm 
Depth of Focus   2 mm   5 mm 



The LXQ-LP is a fiber laser marking systems that creates permanent marks on all types of metals, rubber and plastics. It can be used for all types of identifiers, such as serial numbers, data matrix codes, QR codes and logos. 


Laser etching of a part

Fiber Laser Etching 

Laser etching is the fastest industrial laser process. Instead of removing part of the material, the laser etches a permanent, raised mark by melting the part’s micro surface. 

Laser engraving of a part

Fiber Laser Engraving 

Laser engraving produces the most durable markings, but it also requires more time. The laser beam digs deep into the metal part, reaching the high temperature required to vaporize the material. 

Laser engraving of a part

Fiber Laser Annealing

Ideal for stainless steel and chrome-plated parts, laser annealing creates permanent markings through a chemical reaction under the surface. Nothing is removed, making sure that the part preserves important properties like corrosion resistance. 

Fiber laser marking machines

Fiber Laser Marking Machines 

The LXQ-LP is an industrial laser that can easily be integrated in production lines. You can view our laser marking machines for automation examples, standalone workstations and more. 

Complete Remote Service Whenever You Need It 

Using a secure remote access platform, a web-based HMI configuration, and an Internet connection, Laserax is able to provide fast and seamless remote service. Our experts can assist you remotely with pre-sales testing, live demos, engineering, installation, training, and after-sales support.


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