Turnkey Laser Marking Machines

Laserax has developed laser marking machines to meet the need for traceability—without consumables—delivering permanent and high-quality marks for the most challenging industrial environments. The laser parameters are optimized to match the material properties and keep up with short production cycles.

We offer several laser marking processes, including laser etching, laser engraving (deep engraving), laser annealing, and laser ablation, to mark a wide variety of materials.

You can use fiber laser marking machines to mark metals, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium, lead, zinc, and copper.

You can use fiber or CO2 laser marking machines to mark plastics and rubber.

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Laser Marking Machines for the Automotive Industry

We've developed our unique laser marking technology with the automotive marking requirements in mind. Each machine has been designed for specific needs.

  • Flex Laser Marking Workstation

    The Flex is a workstation designed for batch marking outside the production line. Various options include a motorized door, a touchscreen HMI, automatic marking adjustments, and much more.

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  • Rotary Table Marking Workstation

    The RTW is a semi-automatic laser marking machine in which an operator introduces parts onto fixtures. This movable workstation features a rotary table used by the operator to load and unload parts as the laser marking system marks parts.

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  • Automated Rotary Table Marking Machine

    The RTM is an inline laser marking machine that works well when you need high marking speeds due to short cycle times. A robot loads and unloads parts on the rotary table as the laser marking system marks parts.

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  • Open-Air Laser Marking Machine

    The OAM is an inline laser marking machine designed to integrate direct part marking within the production line. A robot holds parts of various shapes and cavities as the laser marking system marks the parts.

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  • Automated Conveyor Marking Machine

    The Conveyor Marking Machine is the solution to mark parts traveling on a conveyor. Equipped with ultrafast lasers and position sensors, parts are laser marked one by one inside the fully safe Class 1 enclosure. Ideal for large parts such as transmission cases, engine blocks and more.


Laser Marking Machines for Primary Metals

Laserax has worked in conjunction with a variety of customers in the primary metals industry to design laser machines fit for tough conditions.

  • Conveyor on the fly Laser Marking Machine

    The OTFM is designed for direct marking of moving parts on a conveyor. The machine detects the moving part on the fly and adapts to its positioning. It then performs the marking at the normal conveyor speed, without impacting the production pace.

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  • Conveyor Static Laser Marking Machine

    The CSM is an inline laser marking machine designed to mark large workpieces or bundles on a conveyor system while they are being weighted or controlled for quality and dimensions. The workpieces on the conveyor move one by one into the enclosure, where they are marked in 100% safe conditions behind closed doors.

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Powered by Innovative Fiber Laser Systems

Our machines are powered by fiber laser systems that are robust enough for production lines. Compared to other marking methods, the fiber laser technology offers several advantages:

  • It requires little maintenance, as there are no moving parts.
  • It requires minimal heat management and has low electricity consumption.
  • It's better suited for tough environments, as it's very stable and reliable.

Designed for Industrial Environments

Our laser machines are designed to be installed inline, to offer the most resistant direct part marking in the most challenging industrial conditions, and to be 100% laser safe.

It doesn't matter whether your parts are held by a robot, moved on a conveyor, or carried by an operator. Laserax has collaborated with the industry to develop laser marking machines that match your needs.

Our solutions stand up to the harshest environments. You can integrate our machines in your manufacturing plant, die cast cell, or close to the foundry.


  • Integrated to Short Production Cycles

    Laser marking is essential to ensure the traceability of manufactured parts. It is an integrated step in the manufacturing process that must be performed on each and every part without slowing down the production pace. Laser marking must be fast and efficient without stopping or requiring maintenance.

    Laserax has developed inline laser engraving machines that can mark at high speeds to follow the production cycle time. They’re the fastest on the market and the most efficient in harsh environments.

  • Permanent Marks in Harsh Environments

    To ensure complete traceability, laser marking must occur at the very beginning of the manufacturing process. This means that you must mark parts as soon as they leave the mold in the die cast cell.

    Laserax has developed unique and patented marking techniques that withstand the most challenging post-process surface treatments, ensuring robust, reliable, and high-quality marking throughout the life of the part.

    Identifiers such as data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, and barcodes will be permanent and have a high contrast, even in the harshest production lines. Our direct part marking technology can withstand different surface treatments. These include heat treating, e-coating, chromate coating, and shotblasting.

  • Guaranteed Safety

    The safety of operators working on a production line remains the priority. That's why all Laserax machines are Class 1 compiant, making them 100% laser safe for operators and compliant with international safety standards as well as with machine safety standards.

    Our laser machines are delivered ready to use and safe right out of the box. This way, you can save time on setup and integration.

Let Us Know Your Application

Let our experts know your automotive marking application. They will provide you with all the information you need. They can also guide you in choosing the laser marking machine that is just right for you, and arrange tests using your parts to demonstrate the marking’s post-treatment resistance (such as shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating, and heat treating).