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Laser Cleaning Systems

Laser cleaning systems are performant and ecofriendly solutions whose flexibility make them the technology of choice for modern production lines. They are perfect for manufacturers looking to improve quality or ramp up their production capacity.

Laser systems can remove all types of contaminants from metals, including oxides, coatings, rust, dust, oils, and electrolytes.

  • Optimal Performance
    Ranging from 20W to a powerhouse of 3kW, our laser cleaning systems can be adapted to all kinds of cycle times. We analyze and optimize the laser parameters and optical components of each system to achieve the best configuration for your application.
  • Complete Surface Preparation
    Our single-mode laser technology offers complete surface preparation. This means that in a single step, the same laser can remove all types of contaminants and texture metal surfaces to a specific roughness.
  • Laser Cleaning Solutions
    Laserax offers complete laser cleaning solutions powered with our OEM laser systems. They include laser safety, fume management, automation, vision, and more. We also work with integrators to design custom solutions.

OEM Laser Cleaning Systems 

From low-power to high-power lasers, our range of products allow manufacturers to efficiently solve their surface cleaning needs. 

  • LXQ Fiber Laser Cleaner

    The LXQ is a single-mode pulsed fiber laser that can clean and texture metals for complete surface preparation. It is ideal to treat localized or small areas.

    • 20W–100W of laser power
    • Single mode laser technology
    • Cleaning and texturing
    • Industrial grade
    • Small spot size
  • High-Power Fiber Laser Cleaner

    Offering up to 1kW of laser power, this high-power version of our LXQ is the most powerful single-mode laser system on the market. It provides unmatched cleaning and texturing performance when treating small or large localized areas.

    • 200W–1kW of laser power
    • Single mode laser technology
    • Cleaning and texturing
    • Industrial grade
    • Electrical cabinet included for heat management
    • Small spot size
  • Ultra-High-Power Fiber Laser Cleaner

    The LXQ-UHP is an ultra-high-power multimode pulsed laser system. With up to an impressive 3kW of available laser power, it offers uncompromised cleaning speeds. It is used to meet ultra-short cycle times on smaller surface or to process large areas.

    • 500W–3kW of laser power
    • Multimode laser technology
    • Fastest laser cleaning technology
    • Industrial grade
    • Electrical cabinet and chiller included for heat management
    • Longest fiber cable
    • Large spot size
    • High focus tolerance for depth and shape variations

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machines 

Laserax can offer laser cleaning solutions ready to integrate your production line. Our laser experts look at your complete manufacturing process and suggest a solution that perfectly addresses your needs.  

Benefits of Laser Cleaning Systems

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    A Sustainable Cleaning Process

    Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly process that replaces cleaning methods that rely heavily on consumables such as sandblasting and chemical cleaning. With a low energy consumption, a compact design, and a laser source with a long operating life, fiber lasers have a real impact on your ability to greenify your processes.

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    No Damage To The Substrate

    Through laser ablation, the laser beam sends just enough energy to remove contaminants without affecting the base metal. This is possible because metal substrates have a higher ablation threshold than contaminants. The high cleaning quality of the laser means that no impurities can penetrate the base metal during the process as opposed to traditional methods.

  • Unmatched Precision 

    As a non-contact process, laser cleaning brings consistency and precision to manufacturing. Laser cleaning is the ideal solution to clean precise areas without resorting to manual masking. Our vision expertise also allows our systems to automatically manage positioning variations, depth variations, complex shapes, and rough surfaces.   


Industrial Laser Cleaning Applications  

Laser cleaning is used in a variety of industrial applications to prepare surfaces for subsequent processes, such as welding, bonding, coating, thermal sprays, and so on. Here are a few examples of applications. 

Laser Paint Removal

Laser cleaning can remove most types of coatings, including powder coating, e-coating, and phosphate coating. The coating removal speed mostly depends on the type of coating and its thickness. It can be sped up with more laser power. 

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Laser Oxide Removal 

Laser cleaning can remove aluminum oxides and stainless steel oxides, making it ideal to prepare surfaces for other processes like laser welding and coating to make sure no contaminants penetrate the welds or lower adhesion. Laser can also be used for post-weld cleaning for performance or aesthetic purposes.

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Laser Rust Removal 

Fiber laser cleaning systems can remove rust and general corrosion. These contaminants can be completely removed with no damage to the substrate.

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Laser Surface Texturing

Laser texturing is a surface treatment that can be done at the same time as laser cleaning to modify the surface texture. Micropatterns can be etched on the surface to improve properties like adhesion, wettability, conductivity, and friction. It is used as a pre-treatment for processes like thermal spray coating, adhesive bonding, and laser cladding.

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Battery Laser Cleaning

Whether it’s for cylindrical cells, prismatic cells, or pouch cells, laser cleaning can remove contaminants from battery connections, including electrolytes, dust, oils, and oxides. Battery manufacturers turn to laser cleaning to prepare surfaces for assembly steps like bonding and welding.  

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