Laser Cleaning Systems

Our laser cleaning technology offers a contact-free, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional techniques, which require the use of chemical or abrasive elements.

Because they are fast, flexible, and robust, Laserax's laser cleaning systems can be efficiently integrated into industrial machines to remove surface contaminants such as rust, oxide, or paint as well as prepare and texture surfaces prior to subsequent manufacturing steps.

With a laser power of up to 500W, laser systems can clean a large number of parts quickly and without delay. Not surprisingly, they are among the fastest laser cleaning systems available for industrial applications.

By varying the repetition rate and the beam size, it is possible to obtain the exact laser power and density needed for the ablation threshold of rust and paint, and thus vaporize them. This flexibility allows cleaning different parts in various industries.

The laser head is certified IP67, and the laser cabinet, which stores the laser source module and the controller module, is certified IP65. As such, dust and moisture stay out of the laser system, which is designed to be integrated in and withstand the most demanding industrial environments.

HV 500 laser cleaning system

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