Laser Marking and Cleaning System

Laserax laser systems are composed of three modules to ease integration and to provide a solution adapted to your needs. Our modular systems are composed of the laser, the enclosure and the enhancement options.

Customers receive a unique modular solution, safe and easy to install.

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Choosing the laser

Laser machines are the central core of a Laserax systems. We offer fiber laser machines known for their compatibility with various metals. Laserax has developed three distinct fiber laser series, each with their own optical capabilities. We also offer one series of CO2 laser machines to process plastics and other complex organic materials. Both laser types are available at different power levels.

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Choosing the enclosure

Enclosures offer a safe industrial solution for laser applications. Laserax offers different types of enclosures. The standalone enclosure is a free standing laser workstation that works independently from your production line. While the laser enclosure for conveyors can be adapted to your conveyor system. Both enclosures can be automated.

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Choosing the options

The cabinet for laser sources, controllers and PLCs is a sturdy housing that provides ingress and mechanical protection, as well as a temperate environment for optimal performance of the laser system. The cabinet may also harbour Laserax’s HMI (Human-Machine Interface). The HMI’s main functions are to provide a means to give instructions to the laser system and to generate reports on its functioning.

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