• LXQ-UHP - Ultra high power laser

LXQ-UHP Series – Ultra High Power Fiber Laser Cleaning System 

The LXQ-UHP is an ultra-high-power multimode pulsed fiber laser system designed for the most challenging industrial cleaning applications. With a larger spot size than single-mode lasers and up to 3kW of laser power, it is the ideal laser cleaning system to process large surfaces within short cycle times. 

Benefits of the LXQ-UHP Fiber Laser System

3kW of pure laser cleaning speed

3kW of Pure Laser Cleaning Speed 

Combining the most powerful pulsed laser power on the market, the world’s fastest scanning speed, and a large spot size, the LXQ-UHP excels at laser cleaning. Its unrivaled cleaning speed makes it perfect for demanding inline applications. 

Large tolerance for complex applications

Large Tolerance for Complex Applications

As a multimode laser, the LXQ-UHP can clean large parts and complex shapes. Its large depth of focus and spot size allows the automated cleaning of rough parts with various shapes, and this, without needing tight positioning precision. 

Optics for your specifics

Optics for Your Specifics 

Our experts select the optical components for your application. Benefiting from more than 200 possible configurations, they will propose the one that maximizes cycle time according to your process requirements and contaminants to remove. 

Robot compatible

Robot Compatible

With up to 100m of fiber cable and a long cleaning distance, the LXQ-UHP can be mounted on a robot to clean larges parts with maximum flexibility. The laser head can also be positioned in any orientation to clean any surfaces.  

Easy to Integrate 

The LXQ-UHP comes preconfigured, pre-calibrated and pre-tested with a configuration optimized for each application. It also includes plug & play functions (such as a web-based HMI and standard peripherals), quick start programs for common PLCs (Allen-Bradley and Siemens) and many more features that speed up and simplify integration. It is also controlled using standard protocols (PROFINET and Ethernet/IP). 

Class-1 Laser Certification Service 

Our laser safety experts can help you simplify integration and prevent safety issues. You can work with them to design custom enclosures for your solutions. If you prefer a complete solution designed by our experts, you can also integrate our standard and certified Class-1 enclosures.  

Real-Time Remote Support 

If you encounter problems during an integration, having access to laser experts can save you time and help you keep your customers satisfied. Laserax experts are available on site and through remote support whenever you need them, whether it’s for remote installation support, training or after-sales support. 

Get Your Samples Cleaned

Get ready for the purest form of laser cleaning! 

Laser System Options 

Laser Power 

The LXQ-UHP offers between 500W and 3kW of laser power for the most demanding cleaning applications. 

Depth of Focus 

The LXQ-UHP sets a high standard with a depth of focus of up to 20 mm. You get the freedom to process any types of geometries, compensate for bended parts, and prevent complex laser head adjustments. 

Fiber Cable Length 

Offering between 10m and 100m of fiber cable length, our laser heads can process large areas as needed. They can easily be mounted on robots, gantry systems, and the like.  

Optical Configuration 

The standard optical configuration is optimal for most cleaning applications. Not only does it offer a huge working field, but the lens is at a good distance from the part to prevent the dust generated by the laser cleaning from accumulating on the lens. 

Advanced optical configurations are used for applications with atypical requirements. Some coatings, for example, need to be cleaned with a higher energy density than usual. Optical elements can be combined in a way that maximizes energy delivery for this specific process. 

Standard Accessories 

The air-knife is  installed on the lens, blowing a continuous airstream that protects it against dust accumulation. The lens needs to be cleaned less often and you obtain results that are much more consistent. 

Our optional Class-1 enclosures offer you a quick way to guarantee laser safety.

The HMI control panel provides direct access to laser marking parameters. You can: 

  • Manually adjust the laser marking zone 
  • Enter the manual operation mode to run tests or calibrate the laser 
  • Display information such as the system status, the operation mode and the alarm history 

For our complete list of features and options, contact a Laserax expert.

Technical Specifications

The LXQ UHP series offers a wide range of configurations to meet all types of cleaning requirements. 

Download LXQ-UHP Spec Sheet

Category Specifications
Nominal Laser Output Power  0.5 kW, 1 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW  
Nominal Pulse Repetition Rate  5 kHz, 10 kHz, 13.3 kHz, 20 kHz 
Total Power Consumption (with water chiller)   5.8 kVA, 10 kVA, 14 kVA, 20.5 kVA 
Laser Type  Ytterbium-doped fiber 
Supply Voltage 

0.5kW: 230-240VAC 50/60Hz 1P 

1kW—3 kW: 3x 400-480 VAC 50/60Hz 3P + PE 

Pulse Energy 

0.5kW—1 kW: 25 to 100 mJ 

2kW—3 kW: 33.3 to 150 mJ 

Pulse Width  Adjustable: 25 ns to 100 ns 
Wavelength  1064 nm 
Processing Fiber Core Geometry   Square, round 
Processing Fiber Core Size 400 microns
Processing Fiber Length 10m included - 15 to 100m available
Spot Size 0.8 to 2mm typical
Laser Safety Class  Class 4 laser product: CSA-E60825-1:15, 21 CFR 1040.10, IEC 60825-1  
Cooling  Water-cooled 
Fiber Cable Minimum Bending  Static: 100 mm 
Dynamic: 200 mm 
Laser Source MTBF  100,000 hours 
Protection (EN 60529)  IP54
Remote Access Security Protocol  OpenVPN (encrypted channel – OpenSSL) 
HMI Software   Web based, Allen-Bradley, Siemens  
I/O   Terminal Block I/O, M12-5 pins, Encoder Signal 
Communications   Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, RS - 232, OPC/UA, USB 
Dimensions (W x H x D)  

0.5kW—1 kW 

Laser source: 600 x 400 x 1000 mm 
Control cabinet and chiller: 772 x 2000 x 685 mm 
2D head: 270 x 397 x 623 mm 

2kW—3 kW 

Laser source: 780 x 558 x 806 mm 
Control cabinet: 772 x 2000 x 685 mm 
Chiller: 815 x 1660 x 630 mm  
2D head: 270 x 397 x 623 mm 


0.5kW—1 kW 

Laser: 120 kg 
Control and chiller: 300 kg 
2D head: 45 kg 

2kW—3 kW 

Laser: 160 kg 
Control: 150 kg 
Chiller: 350kg 
2D head: 45 kg 

Environmental Conditions l  Temperature: 10 °C to 40 °C
Humidity: 10% to 90% (without condensation)
Approvals  UL & CE 


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Using a secure remote access platform, a web-based HMI configuration, and an Internet connection, Laserax is able to provide fast and seamless remote service. Our experts can assist you remotely with pre-sales testing, live demos, engineering, installation, training, and after-sales support.


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