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LXQ-HP Series – High Power Fiber Laser Marking & Cleaning System 

The LXQ-HP is a high-power single-mode fiber laser system designed for system integrators to succeed when facing the most challenging industrial applications. With a maximum power of 500W, it is the go-to product for laser marking, laser cleaning and laser texturing applications requiring a very short cycle time. 

Benefits of the LXQ-HP Fiber Laser System

LXQ-HP features

When Time Means Money 

As the most powerful single-mode laser system on the market, the LXQ-HP provides unmatched performance when cleaning or slightly texturing surfaces. Perfect for demanding inline applications, it combines the effectiveness of a pulsed single-mode fiber laser with the speed offered by its 500W of available power. 

hand-held laser cleaning

Unmatched Cleaning and Texturing Precision 

Unlike hand-held laser cleaning, automated laser cleaning allows you to precisely focus the laser beam on a specific area. Our advanced autofocus technology also offers unmatched precision and repeatability by accounting for various part geometries and positioning variations. 

Cleaning moving part

Dynamically Adjusted to the Part’s Geometry 

Clean moving parts without compromising quality. Our patent-pending dynamic autofocus system can be installed on a conveyor or mounted on a robot or a gantry system to clean parts with various shapes and sizes on the fly. 

robot mounted LXQ-HP

Robot Compatible

With a long focal length and up to 8m of fiber cable, the LXQ-HP can be mounted on a robot with maximum flexibility. You can also position the laser head in any orientation to mark, clean or texture any surface. 

Easy to Integrate 

The LXQ-HP comes preconfigured, pre-calibrated and pre-tested with a configuration optimized for each application. It also includes plug & play functions (such as a web-based HMI and standard peripherals), quick start programs for common PLCs (Allen-Bradley and Siemens) and many more features that speed up and simplify integration. It is also controlled using standard protocols (PROFINET and Ethernet/IP). 

Class-1 Laser Certification Service 

Our laser safety experts can help you simplify integration and prevent safety issues. You can work with them to design custom enclosures for your solutions. If you prefer a complete solution designed by our experts, you can also integrate our standard and certified Class-1 enclosures. 

Real-Time Remote Support 

If you encounter problems during an integration, having access to laser experts can save you time and help you keep your customers satisfied. Laserax experts are available on site and through remote support whenever you need them, whether it’s for remote installation support, training or after-sales support. 

Get Your Samples Cleaned, Marked or Textured

Assess how good we are and send us samples to be cleaned, textured or marked in our robotic cell. 

Laser Machine Options 

Laser Power 

The LXQ-HP offers between 200W and 500W of laser power for high-speed applications. 

Laser Head 

2D heads can easily compensate for surface roughness imprecisions on flat surfaces. They set a high standard with a depth of focus of 6 mm, which prevents complex laser head adjustments. 

3D heads add the focusing range needed to process any types of geometries and compensate for bended parts. They can also be positioned at a 45° angle. 

With up to 8m of fiber cable length, our heads can easily be mounted on robots, gantry systems and so on, allowing you to work over a large area if needed. They are also certified IP-67, offering advanced protection against dust and liquids. 

Lens Configuration 

The standard lens configuration is optimal for most applications. Not only does it offer a huge working field, but the lens is at a good distance from the part to prevent the dust generated by the laser process from accumulating on the lens. 

The advanced lens configuration is used for applications that require deep engravings. For example, some laser texturing applications require a high roughness. Some laser marking applications also need 2D codes that maintain traceability after shotblasting.  

Standard Accessories 

The air-knife is installed on the lens, blowing a continuous airstream that protects it against dust accumulation. The lens needs to be cleaned less often and you obtain results that are much more consistent.  

Our optional Class-1 enclosures offer you a quick way to guarantee laser safety.  

The HMI control panel provides direct access to laser marking parameters. You can: 

  • Manually adjust the laser marking zone, scale the identifiers, edit them and more 
  • Enter the manual operation mode to run tests or calibrate the laser 
  • Display information such as the system status, the operation mode and the alarm history 

Advanced Features

Our dynamic autofocus system allows you to clean moving parts of various shapes and sizes (on-the-fly technology). Parts are cleaned with unmatched precision and at the speed of your manufacturing process. .  

Our 3D Autofocus system identifies variations in the part’s positioning and adjusts the laser accordingly to repeatedly generate optimal results. This feature can save you time and reduce the cost of your solutions by removing the need for complex laser head adjustments. 

Our barcode validation feature includes a precalibrated Cognex camera and a validation system. You can validate code quality just after laser marking, and algorithms can predict which codes will meet your marking requirements if there are post treatments like shotblasting and e-coating. 

Advanced features are configured by the Laserax team so that they’re ready to be used. During integration, you simply need to connect them on the controller’s back panel. 

For our complete list of features and options, contact a Laserax expert.

Technical Specifications

The LXQ series offers a wide range of configurations to meet all types of marking demands.

Download LXQ-HP Spec Sheet

Category Specifications
Nominal Laser Output Power  200W, 300W, 500W 
Nominal Pulse Repetition Rate  100 to 1000 kHz; 150 to 1500 kHz; 500 kHz 
Maximum Power Consumption  4.4 kVA, 4.9 kVA, 5.8 kVA 
Laser Type  Ytterbium-doped fiber 
Supply Voltage  Single Phase 230-240 Vac [50/60Hz] 
Pulse Energy  0.2 to 2 mJ (200W, 300W); 1 mJ (500W) 
Pulse Width  20 to 500 ns (200W, 300W); 100 ns (500W) 
Wavelength  1064 nm 
Beam Quality  <2 
Laser Safety Class  Class 4 laser product: CSA-E60825-1:15, 21 CFR 1040.10, IEC 60825-1 
Cooling  Air Cooling or Integrated Water Cooling (200W, 300W)
Integrated Water Cooling (500W)
Fiber Cable Length  5m (200W, 300W, 500W)
8m available with water cooling (200W, 300W)
Laser Source MTBF  100,000 hours 
Protection (EN 60529)  IP67 
Autofocus Modes (optional)  Dynamic Autofocus 
Automatic Z offset 
Automatic Z offset and one-angle correction 
Automatic Z offset and two-angle correction 
Remote Access Security Protocol  OpenVPN (encrypted channel – OpenSSL) 
HMI Software   Web based, Allen-Bradley, Siemens  
I/O   Terminal Block I/O, M12-5 pins, Encoder Signal 
Communications   Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, RS - 232, OPC/UA, USB 
Dimensions (W x H x D)   Cabinet: 772 x 2000 x 685 mm 
2D Head: 619 x 156 x 166 mm 
3D Head: 897 x 207 x 285 mm 
Weight   Cabinet: 300 kg 
2D Head: 22 kg 
3D Head: 55 kg 
Environmental Conditions l  Temperature: 10 °C to 40 °C
Humidity: 10% to 90% (without condensation)
Approvals  cULus Listed, CE

Lens Specifications

Focal Length  254mm 420mm
Max Scanning Speed  30 m/s  50 m/s 
Nominal Spot Size   0.075 mm  0.125 mm 
Nominal Marking Distance (from the lens border)   320 mm 512 mm 
3D heads’ Effective Z-Focusing Range (from the lens border)  290-355 mm 450-600 mm
Nominal Marking Field Size  170 x 170 mm  280 x 280 mm 
Depth of Focus   3 mm   6 mm 



The LXQ-HP can be configured for various industrial applications, including laser cleaning, laser texturing and laser marking. As a high-power laser system, it is ideal for demanding applications with short cycle times. 


Laser etching of a part

Laser Cleaning & Laser Texturing 

Laser Cleaning 

As a fiber laser cleaning system, the LXQ-HP can easily be automated to remove rust, oxide and paint from metals. It is an eco-friendly alternative to existing cleaning techniques. It can also clean surface with great precision and low operative costs. 

Laser Texturing 

Laser texturing alters the surface roughness of metals by creating precise patterns on their surface. This process is a game changer for manufacturers since it functions without consumables.  

It can be used before numerous treatments, such as adhesive bonding, paintings and coatings, thermal spray coating and laser cladding. It can also be used to improve adherence, such as with mechanical seals. 

Laser engraving of a part

Laser Marking 

As a fiber laser marking system, the LXQ-HP can create markings on a wide variety of metals, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, magnesium, lead, zinc and so on. 

It can be configured with various laser processes to generate different results, such as deep engravings (laser engraving), raised marks (laser etching) or marks under the surface (laser annealing). 

This laser is also capable of generating marks that remain readable after post treatments, including shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating and heat treating. 

Complete Remote Service Whenever You Need It 

Using a secure remote access platform, a web-based HMI configuration, and an Internet connection, Laserax is able to provide fast and seamless remote service. Our experts can assist you remotely with pre-sales testing, live demos, engineering, installation, training, and after-sales support.


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