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Laser Technology for the Aerospace Industry 

The aerospace industry is moving away from fossil fuels. Pushed by the need to electrify transportation, manufacturers of electrified aircraft such as STOLs and eVTOLs are looking for new technologies.

Laser cleaning & texturing can help them automate production, meet safety requirements, and get their products certified.

Laser technology can be used for all types of parts:

  • Electric propulsion engines
  • Hydrogen electric engines
  • Battery & e-motor housings
  • Cooling plates & tubes
  • Metallic bipolar plates
  • Battery cells


Laser Applications for the Aerospace

Mainly used for surface preparation, the unmatched precision of lasers makes it easy to control quality. Their operation also produces little to no dust, which simplifies dust management during production and improves repeatability.

Battery cells ultrasonic wire bonding preparation

Battery Cells Ultrasonic Wire Bonding Preparation

Ultrasonic bonding requires a perfectly clean surface to ensure high strength and low resistance wires and interconnects. 

Laser cleaning is the ideal technology to prepare cells for bonding, as it eliminates chemicals from the cleaning process and speeds up surface preparation.

Cooling plates

Cooling Plates Cleaning & Texturing

Cooling plates and tubes used for thermal transfer in batteries need to be cleaned to obtain a strong bond with thermal adhesives. They can also be roughened to further increase bond strength.

  • Laser cleaning removes contaminants that interfere with the adhesive bonding process, resulting in a stronger and more durable bond.
  • Laser texturing creates a rough texture that increases the contact area between thermal adhesive and substrate. It improves bond strength and can potentially improve thermal transfer.
Housings laser surface preparation

Housings Surface Preparation

Battery and e-motor housings sealed with liquid gaskets need surface preparation to maximize the adhesive’s strength and ensure the best possible environmental protection.

Laser cleaning maximizes the surface free energy available for sealing by removing all types of contaminants, including oxides, dust, and grease.

Cleaning and texturing of bipolar plates

Bipolar Plates Cleaning & Texturing

Metallic bipolar plates used in hydrogen fuel cells can be cleaned and textured to ensure that fuel cell stacks meet the highest quality requirements.

  • Laser cleaning removes oxides, oils, dust, and other contaminants from plates before they are coated and assembled in a fuel cell stack. 
  • Laser texturing creates a microtexture on the plates’ surface. This improves adhesion before coating processes like thermal spray coating, e-coating, and other protective coating.

Laser Process Development

If you are developing a new product and want to achieve the best results, we can conduct laser studies with you for laser cleaning, texturing, welding, and marking.

These studies are used to:

  • Achieve specific requirements
  • Understand and control the effects of laser processing on your parts
  • Understand the impact on your manufacturing process
  • Help you get your products certified

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ISO Certifications

Whether it’s for safety, international standards, or environmental impact, aerospace is one of the most regulated industries in the world.

At Laserax, we take these regulations head on. We have implemented an ISO-certified quality and environmental management system that keeps us focused on the highest quality and the most sustainable manufacturing practices.

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Iso certifications


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