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Robot Laser Cleaning Machine

The Robot Cleaning Machine combines the precision of laser technology with the dexterity of robotics. It can be used to clean, texture, and even mark surfaces.

With its long reach and multi-axis movement, the robot arm moves the laser head and adjusts the angle as needed for the application. This makes it the ideal solution to process:

  • Complex shapes
  • Multiple surfaces
  • Large parts
  • Multiple parts

Benefits of the Robot Cleaning Machine

Process Complex 3D Parts

Protect Part Integrity with Efficient Fume Extraction

An extraction nozzle is installed on the robot arm to capture dust and fumes at the source. This is essential to prevent recontaminating surfaces or damaging connections and electronic components.

Proper extraction also improves the quality and repeatability of the laser process by making sure the laser beam is not partially blocked by dust or diffracted by fumes. Extraction is optimized for your application and continuously monitored to detect any issues.

High Versatility with Multi-Part Capabilities

Customize the Robotic Cell to Your Production Reality

As a flexible solution, the machine dimensions and equipment location can be adjusted to fit the reality of your production floor. Various part loading options are available to match your part dimension and complexity.

The robot and laser can also be programmed for multiple operations, making it possible to switch from one production model to another.

Adapted to Complex Projects

Control the Laser Process in Production with a 6-Axis Robot

With the laser head mounted on a 6-axis robotic arm, the laser has the perfect angle every time, making it easy to process complex shapes.

When the laser beam overshoots beyond the edge of a part, it can damage sensitive components if it has the wrong angle. Advanced control over the laser angle protects sensitive components from the laser beam and its reflections.

Embedded fume management system

Work with Our Experts at Every Step of Your Project

Because every detail counts, our experts get involved at each step of your project—from the optimization of the laser process to on-site adjustments. This is what allows us to provide the optimal solution in terms of quality and speed.

Adjusting the laser process based on your feedback, improving specific properties (like bonding, thermal transfer, or electrical resistance), and providing on-site support at any time with complete knowledge of the solution. Those are just a few examples.

Designed for Industrial Environments

The robot cleaning machine is built to offer you peace of mind for the next 10+ years with minimal maintenance. It comes equipped with a complete fume and debris collection system and is compliant with industrial robotic standards. It operates 24/7 in the harshest industrial environments.

Class-1 Laser Safety Rating

As a turnkey solution, this automated machine complies with international laser safety standards. It creates a 100% laser safe work environment that does not require personal protective equipment.

Laser Machine Options

Part Loading Configuration

The machine configuration can be fully adjusted to your part’s size and your preferred loading configuration.

  • Door Loading

    Door Loading

    Operators or robots can load parts by opening a door and placing parts on a fixed table inside the robot cell. Door loading is ideal for shorter cleaning operations that easily fit within your cycle time.

  • Conveyor Loading

    Conveyor Loading

    Part loading can be performed using common industrial conveyor systems provided by Laserax.

  • Rotary Table Loading

    Rotary Table Loading

    Operators or robots can load parts into the robotic cell by placing them onto a rotary table. This configuration reduces the cycle time of the cell by allowing parts to be loaded and unloaded while a part is being cleaned.

Robotic Arm

If you want to work with a specific robotic arm, we can adapt the robotic cell to your requirements. The cell can work with robots from major robot supplies such as ABB, FANUC, KUKA, or others.


The machine can be customized to fit your production floor. We will work with you to optimize the robot cell’s footprint for your actual production environment, moving its components as needed. For example, the electrical cabinet and control panel can be remotely located to minimize the footprint as well as facilitate operations and maintenance.

Laser Power

The machine offers a wide range of laser power configurations. A higher power increases the surface treatment speed, allowing you to meet more challenging cycle times.

  • Single-mode fiber lasers are available between 20W and 500W. With their smaller spot size, they are ideal for the precise cleaning and texturing of surfaces.
  • Multimode fiber lasers are available between 1kW and 3kW. With their larger spot size, they are ideal to clean large areas more effectively.

HMI Control Panel

The standard HMI control panel provides easy access to laser and robot cell parameters:

  • Specify a part model to automatically load the corresponding robotic sequence
  • Set laser parameters
  • Access the manual operation mode to run validation tests or calibrate the laser
  • Display information such as the system status and the operation mode
  • Access other custom features based on your needs

Technical Specifications

Download Spec Sheet

Category Specifications
Laser Process Cleaning, Texturing, Engraving, Marking
Part Material Nickel-plated steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and all metals
Laser Power 100–3000W
Single or Multi-mode based on application
Laser Type Ytterbium-doped fiber
Wavelength 1064 nm
Laser Source MTBF 100,000 hours
Industrial Robot ABB, FANUC, KUKA, others
Part Loading Options Front Door, Inline Conveyor, Rotary Table
Other options available upon request
Laser Cooling Air or Water-cooled - Based on Laser Power
Fumes Extraction Localized, optimized for the application
System Control Industrial PLC with Laserax LXQ Controller, Web Interface on Operator HMI
Communications Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT (other options available)
Power Requirements 480V/60Hz or 400V/50Hz
Power Consumption From 18kW to 30kW (Varies from Laser Power)
Air Supply Filtered – 80 psi minimum
Operating Humidity < 70%
Operating Temperature 15°C to 45°C
*Cooling options available
Vision Available as an option based on the application
Robot Enclosure Class-1 certified laser safety enclosure with interlocked doors
Typical Workspace* 2000 mm x 950 mm x 950 mm
*To Validate with Laser Process
General Footprint (W x D x H) 4 m x 4 m x 3 m
Typical Robot Reach 2000 mm to 2300 mm
Typical Robot Payload 40-70 kg

Download Spec Sheet

Laser Applications

The robot laser cleaning machine can be configured to remove any types of surface contaminants from metals, including oxides, oils, paints, and various coatings. If required, it can also texture surfaces to improve properties like adhesion.

Here are common applications for this machine.

Battery Tray Cleaning for Adhesive Bonding

Battery Tray Cleaning for Adhesive Bonding

The robot laser cleaning machine has the reach and freedom of movement needed to clean both the edge of battery housings as well as the bottom plate. This is ideal to prepare them for liquid sealants used for gasketing and for thermal adhesives.

EV Stator Epoxy Laser Cleaning

EV Stator Epoxy Laser Cleaning

The robot laser cleaning machine is ideal to remove epoxy from the connector tabs of e-motor stators. The robot’s precise control over the laser angle makes it easier to protect nearby electronic components from the laser beam and its reflections.

Laser Cleaning of E-Motor Housing

Laser Cleaning of E-Motor Housing

The robot laser cleaning machine is ideal to process the complex shapes of e-motor components. It is used to prepare various components of the e-motor assembly for sealants, thermal adhesives, structural adhesives, and other types of adhesives.

Avoid Unnecessary Downtime with Remote Support

Whether you need on-site or remote support, our engineers and laser experts can rapidly identify the cause of your problems, making sure your production operations are up and running in no time. With the machine’s optional remote functionalities, remote support is secure and always available.


Complete remote support in real time

Find Out if Robot Laser Cleaning is for You

  • Validate the feasibility of your project
  • Obtain a comprehensive test report
  • Use a batch of cleaned parts for testing or prototyping
  • Simulate a robot cleaning sequence in our labs

Before investing in a robot laser cleaning machine, you can send us your parts for cleaning. We will work with you to optimize the laser process based on your speed and quality requirements.

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