Laser Cleaning Machines

Laserax manufactures industrial laser cleaning machines that can be used directly in the production process or manually via a mobile laser cleaning station. The mobile system enables you to clean a specific section of a large, hard-to-move part while the automated system enables you to clean parts on a conveyor or on another automated production line.

Laser technology provides a fast cleaning process that does not require consumables. If you’re looking to remove rust, oxide, or paint, or to perform surface preparation before welding or joining, laser cleaning is clearly an option to consider.

Our Cleaning Systems

The Difference Between a Handheld and a Mobile Laser Cleaning Machine

Most commonly seen in the laser cleaning industry, handheld lasers offer a portable system that you can move from point A to point B and where the operator completely supports the weight of the laser head (the part that sends light to the material).

A mobile laser cleaning machine, such as the one that Laserax offers, is also a machine that can be moved from one place to another. However, our mobile laser machine includes a pneumatically balanced articulated arm to support the weight of the laser head.

Having the laser head supported protects operators from ergonomic injuries resulting from the weight of the tool. The machine has also been designed to ensure safe handling of the laser tool by featuring a two-hand safety control system (dead man’s switches) which forces the operator to be focused on his job.

Can a Laser Cleaning Machine Be Integrated Inline?

Laser cleaning can be automated on production lines or used directly on-site with a mobile cleaning machine. For example, you can integrate inline lasers on conveyors to remove rust or paint on metal to be welded or to automate other surface preparation processes. You can also mount the laser head on a robot and move the equipment freely over the various parts to clean.

Laserax’s modular approach will allow you to select the right options to build an easy-to-install solution.

What is the Maintenance Required?

Our laser machines require only minimal maintenance. Dust and fumes have to be captured and/or filtered, in which case you would have to change the filters and dispose of them safely. Our machines include an air knife protecting the laser lens from the dust created by the vaporization of the contaminant. So a basic lens cleaning is rarely required.

Advantages of Laser Cleaning over Traditional Cleaning Methods

Requires no consumables
Being powered by light, laser cleaning solutions don’t require any consumable or tool wear. The energy consumption (1000W) is very minimal compared to other industrial machinery. You thus save costs on consumable acquisition and logistics.

Lower your operation costs
Reduce material preparation time and allow your specialized labor to work on what matters most while you automate the surface preparation.

A faster and more precise cleaning process
Highly reliable, the process enables the automation of contaminant removal or surface preparation in large or very precise areas.

Preserve part integrity
Avoid damaging the material base substrate by using the laser technology. Don’t let mechanical processes produce uneven results and reduce material lifetimes.

No solvents or chemicals involved
Environmentally friendly and no costs related to residue disposal.