Automated Laser Cleaning Machines

Laser cleaning machines developed by Laserax are used to integrate laser cleaning with low maintenance, even in harsh industrial conditions. 100% safe, our turnkey solutions include Class-1 laser enclosures and fume management systems. You can use them for applications like paint removal, oxide removal, rust removal, and even more.

Unlike handheld laser cleaning systems, our high-power lasers are designed for fully automated high-volume production lines. To meet your requirements, we offer CO2 and fiber lasers with up to 500 watts of laser power. Our experts can help you determine how to best integrate the laser machine in your manufacturing process.

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Laser Cleaning Machines for Industrial Environments

  • Open-Air Laser Cleaning Machine

    Capable of cleaning any parts that can be held by a robotic arm, the open-air machine is a versatile machine with a small footprint. It allows you to completely automate the cleaning process directly in your production lines.

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  • Rotary Table Cleaning Workstation

    Equipped with a rotary table where parts are loaded manually, this movable yet robust workstation can be used anywhere on the shop floor. The cleaning process is launched by the operator and automatically performed in the enclosure, making it 100% safe.

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  • Automated Rotary Table Cleaning Machine

    This automated rotary table is designed to minimize idle time and keep up with short cycle times. While a robotic arm loads and unloads parts onto the table, other parts are automatically cleaned in the Class-1 enclosure.

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  • On-the-Fly Laser Cleaning Machine for Conveyors

    Parts moving on a conveyor can be cleaned “on the fly”, without stopping or slowing down the conveyor so as not to reduce your production capacity. 

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  • Static Laser Cleaning Machine for Conveyors

    Static machines can clean small or large parts inside an enclosure while the conveyor is stopped. The cleaning process takes place in a controlled environment, behind closed doors.

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Laser Cleaning Application Videos

Industrial Laser Cleaning & Texturing Applications

Watch our laser systems in action in this video of industrial cleaning and texturing applications. You can see examples of laser rust removal, surface texturing, paint stripping, surface preparation, and weld cleaning (both pre-treatments and post-treatments). 

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Paint Removal with Laser Cleaning

See for yourself how laser cleaning vaporizes paint with perfect accuracy, leaving the bare material intact. You can use laser cleaning to remove most coatings from metal surfaces (including powder coating and e-coating). Laser cleaning can also be used just before laser marking, which can be performed with the same laser.

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Laser Oxide Removal from Stainless Steel Welding Joints

Laser welding creates oxide byproducts that prevent passivation and gives a bad appearance. To address this issue, laser cleaning can be used to clean stainless steel welding joints. This process guarantees that the joints are oxide free as soon as they’re out of the machine.

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Why Use Laser Technology for Cleaning Applications?

  • Clean Without Consumables

    Surface treatments like sandblasting and chemical cleaning need consumables to clean surfaces. Compared to those methods, laser surface cleaning is simple, safe, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly. No chemicals or abrasives are used, and there is no need for rinse-water disposal or dust cleanup.

  • Minimize Downtime

    Laser cleaning can be integrated directly into production lines with minimal maintenance. This non-contact process uses a laser beam to clean surfaces, which means you almost never need spare parts. All our machines can operate with low maintenance in harsh conditions and are built to last 10 years minimum.

  • Get a High Return on Investment

    For a growing number of applications, laser cleaning provides the best return on investment. First and foremost, you don’t need to buy, store, and dispose of expensive consumables. In addition, fully automated and low-maintenance machines like ours help reduce the number of operators needed on the shop floor.

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