Laser Cleaning Machines

Our laser cleaning machines offer a contact-free, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods, which require the use of chemical or abrasive elements.

The Laserax inline laser cleaning machines represent a safer option with a higher return on investment than handheld systems. They can remove surface contaminants such as rust, oxide, and paint as well as prepare and texture surfaces prior to subsequent manufacturing steps.


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Laser Cleaning Machines for Industrial Environments

Open-air laser marking machine

Open-Air Laser Cleaning Machine

Open-air cleaning machines allow you to integrate the cleaning step directly in your production line. Various types of parts can be cleaned by the laser cleaning system as they’re held by a robot.

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Rotary table marking workstation

Rotary Table Cleaning Workstation

Rotary workstations are semi-automated laser cleaning solutions. The cleaning operation is completely automated, but you need an operator to load and unload parts on the rotary table as parts are cleaned by the laser cleaning system. The workstation can be moved to be used at different locations.

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Automated rotary table marking machine

Automated Rotary Table Cleaning Machine

Rotary machines are completely automated laser cleaning machines. They’re designed to keep up with short cycle times and high cleaning speeds. As parts are cleaned, a robot loads and unloads parts onto the rotary table.

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Conveyor on the fly laser marking machine

On-The-Fly Laser Cleaning Machine for Conveyors

On-the-fly cleaning machines can clean parts as they move on a conveyor. The machine automatically adapts its position based on the part’s location on the conveyor. Then, the cleaning operation follows the conveyor’s speed so as not to slow down production.

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Conveyor static laser marking machine

Static Laser Cleaning Machine for Conveyors

Static machines are laser cleaning machines designed to be integrated onto a conveyor system. Large parts are cleaned as they move into the enclosure. The cleaning process is completely safe, as it takes place in a controlled environment, behind closed doors.

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Why Use Laser Technology for Cleaning Applications?

Because laser machines are integrated inline, a large number of parts can be cleaned without human intervention and without delay. With inline laser machines, parts are quickly cleaned during the manufacturing process, sustaining the fastest production cycle time. Thanks to innovative laser processes, the Laserax laser cleaning machines are designed to clean and texture, directly on the production line, a high volume of parts regardless of their size, shape, and geometry, with minimum assistance and maintenance.

The return on investment of the Laserax laser cleaning machines is one of the most important in the manufacturing industry for three reasons. First, laser cleaning does not require the purchase of consumables, such as abrasive elements and chemical products, and it eliminates the need for rinse-water disposal. Second, because laser cleaning is a contact-free technology, very few wear parts have to be changed periodically, resulting in minimal inventory needs. Finally, Laserax laser cleaning machines are integrated into the manufacturing process. As such, they reduce human interventions and, therefore, the need for manpower.

The Laserax laser cleaning machines are compliant with Class-1 international safety standards. This means that they are 100% safe for the operators. In addition, no chemicals are used, and there is no need for rinse-water disposal. Not only are the machines eco-friendly, but they are also free from chemical hazards, which are dangerous for operators.

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