• Manual Laser Cleaning Workstation

Manual Laser Cleaning Workstation   

The Manual Cleaning Workstation integrates the powerful LXQ Series fiber laser in an affordable, off-the-shelf workstation. It is the go-to solution when the cycle time makes it possible to manually load and unload parts.

With its ergonomic design and Class-1 enclosure, the workstation can be used to clean and texture various small parts. Several options are available to meet your technical requirement s, such as a focal length adjustment for more flexibility, a rotary axis to clean several surfaces, or an upgraded 3D laser head to process curved shapes.  

Benefits of the Manual Cleaning Workstation 

Cost Effective laser cleaning

Cost Effective 

The manual cleaning workstation is production ready, allowing you to minimize your investment for laser cleaning while benefiting from the high performance of our LXQ Series fiber laser. Your machine parameters are configured and optimized by our laser experts according to your application. 

Customized features

Customized to Your Needs

Choose from a large selection of features such as laser power, user interface, dust management, quality control and automation level to adapt the solution to your requirements. You can always add other peripherals later to meet evolving requirements. 

Fume extraction for repeatability

Integrated & Flexible Fume Extraction  

Efficiently managing dust and fumes is essential to maintain the repeatability of the laser process and keep the air clean for your employees. The workstation’s exhaust system can be connected to your extraction unit or to a fume filtration system provided by Laserax.  

Ergonomic Industrial Build

Robust and Ergonomic Industrial Build

Laser cleaning and laser texturing require precision. The solid industrial frame of our workstation ensures a reliable process regardless of your production volume. Operators will also appreciate the ergonomic design that facilitates their work and improves their performance. 

Quick Changeover Time 

Switch rapidly from one part model to another by simply changing fixtures. Daily operations are made very easy with the intuitive touchscreen HMI. 

Compatible with any Cleaning Location 

You can clean parts regardless of their orientation as cleaning can be performed from the top or sides of the workstation. 

Class-1 Laser Safety Enclosure

Operators don’t need to wear any personal protective equipment when they work near the workstation. With its Class-1 laser enclosure, it complies with international laser safety standards. Operators can even see the cleaning operation through the viewing window without wearing safety goggles.   

Get Your Samples Cleaned

Send us your parts to obtain a comprehensive test report which includes the cleaning quality, the cleaning speed and much more. 

Laser Workstation Options 

Laser Configuration 

The workstation is powered by a fiber laser whose power can range from 20W to 100W. Higher power increases the cleaning speed and reduces your operator’s waiting time.   

Our basic configuration includes a 2D laser head. However, a 3D laser head can be used to clean and texture with more flexibility. For example, it is used for curved shapes, or when you need to clean several parts during the same laser cleaning sequence without moving the head.  

Dust & Fume Extraction 

Texturing and cleaning generate dust and fumes. For this reason, we offer different models so you can use the extraction power that meets your needs. 

Air Knife 

Air knives installed on the lens prevent dust from accumulating on the lens by blowing a continuous airstream. Not only does this reduce lens cleaning maintenance, but it also helps you obtain more consistent results.  

Automation Features 

Motorized Door 

The workstation has a large door that can be motorized to make manual tasks easier and thus increase the operator’s productivity. If you want to automate the workstation, you also need this feature. 

The motorized door has pressure-sensitive safety edges, but you can also add our optional light curtain to meet advanced safety requirements. 

Z-Axis Head Adjustments  

The laser head’s Z-axis needs to be adjusted before cleaning or texturing parts at different heights. The first solution is to make manual or motorized adjustments with guidance from our laser pointer, which indicates the correct position for the laser head. However, you can also choose automatic adjustments that are launched by choosing a preprogrammed position in our touchscreen HMI. 

Rotary Indexer  

If you need to clean or texture apart at different angles (such as when cleaning a part’s circumference), a rotary indexer can be used to fix the part and automatically rotate it. 

Touchscreen HMI 

The touchscreen HMI can be used to easily choose the right laser process when cleaning or texturing different parts and materials. It can also be used to control other automation features and avoid manual laser head adjustments. ​

Cleaning Quality Validation 

Multiple cameras positioned at various angles can validate cleaning results after each operation, making sure the surface is sufficiently cleaned based on your requirements. 

Custom Fixtures 

Our team can build custom fixtures to fix your parts into position in the workstation. 

For more workstation options, contact a Laserax expert.

Technical Specifications

Download Spec Sheet

Category Specifications
Laser Power  20W, 30W, 50W, 100W 
Laser Type Ytterbium-doped fiber
Wavelength 1064 nm
Laser Source MTBF 100,000 hours
Laser Process Laser cleaning, laser texturing 
Typical Weight 650 kg
Cooling Air cooling
Power Requirements 120V, 230V, 240V / 15-40 AMP
Power Consumption 1.5 kW to 5.8 kW
Operating Temperature 10°C to 35°C
Communications Ethernet/IP, PROFINET
Multi-Parts Cleaning Performed without fixturing 
Door Opening Duration 3 s
Maximum Part Dimensions (W x D x H)  650 x 600 x 370 mm 
Part Material Aluminum, zinc, magnesium, steel, iron (all metals)
Part Positioning Tolerance  Cleaning: +/- 3 mm
Texturing (engraving): +/- 1 mm
General Dimensions (W x D x H) 1400 x 1200 x 2000 mm

Download Spec Sheet


The manual laser cleaning workstation can be configured to remove rust, oxide, paint and various contaminants from metal surfaces (laser cleaning) as well as to texture surfaces prior to subsequent manufacturing steps (laser texturing).  

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