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Laser Solutions for the Agriculture & Heavy Equipment Industry

As electrification and automation are becoming increasingly important in the agriculture & heavy equipment industry, parts and equipment manufacturers can expect a large increase in the production of electric motors, traction battery systems, solar bodywork, and so on. All those parts will require strict quality control.

Laser technology offers new possibilities to improve quality, implement traceability and minimize costs when manufacturing these parts. As opposed to alternatives, lasers operate without consumables and are extremely low in maintenance.


Applications in the Agriculture & Heavy Equipment Industry

Easy to automate, high-performance lasers are ideal for production lines. With our products, you can integrate laser marking, laser cleaning, and laser texturing in your production line.


Part Traceability

Perfect for inline integration, laser markers generate high-contrast identifiers such as chassis numbers, DMCs, and barcodes. Our LXQ fiber lasers provide the ideal solution for parts like hydraulic cylinders, chrome rods, engines and chassis.

For ferrous metals like steel and chrome, laser annealing generates permanent markings without damaging the protective layer.

If your parts undergo surface treatments, our lasers can create markings that maintain traceability after most treatments.

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Surface Cleaning & Texturing

Capable of cleaning a part’s surface or modifying its texture, laser technology can replace sandblasting, masking, and many other surface treatments used in production lines. With their high precision and repeatability, lasers deliver better results than any other method.

Common laser applications include selective coating removal as well as surface preparation before welding, adhesive bonding, thermal spray coating, and laser cladding.

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