Laser Marking in
Stamping Production Lines

Hundreds of stamped parts with the same batch number can lead to expensive recalls and hard-to-trace quality issues. To ramp up traceability capabilities, laser marking can be used to generate a unique identifier for each part.  

Laserax’ unique technology allows you to create 2D codes that survive stamping and e-coating, making it possible to integrate traceability before these processes. 

Our fiber lasers can mark around 60 parts/minute, providing the speed you need to keep up with the stamping press production volume. 

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Benefits of Laser Marking
for the Automotive Stamping Industry

  • Etch identifiers that resist stamping and e-coating 
  • Generate unique identification for every single part 
  • Identify the exact origin of defects for all production steps & plant locations 
  • Avoid costly recalls, quality issues and OEM returns 
  • Keep up with short cycle times with the fastest lasers on the market 
  • Automatically validate code quality for post-process resistance 
  • Mark multiple part models with the same laser machine 

Recommended Solutions

No need to deal with several suppliers and wonder who is accountable for what. We provide all the features, peripherals and support needed to integrate the laser in your manufacturing process. 

Conveyor Marking Machine 

Perfectly adapted to the conveyor size and powered by a high-performance LXQ laser, this machine can continuously mark parts on the fly regardless of positioning variations. 

Features Typically Included
  • A 3D system to mark multiple part models 
  • A Cognex camera to detect part models & validate code quality 
  • An air knife to prevent dust accumulation on the lens & ensure consistent marking quality 
  • A dust extraction unit to maintain a clean work environment 

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When 25,000 seating rails were identified as potentially defective, we had to manually look out for the defective parts to put them out of production. It prevented us from delivering the project in time. 

Ever since we replaced our stamped batch numbers with Laserax’s code laser marking, we no longer have this kind of situation. Our production data capabilities are at a new level.

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