Laser Cleaning

Remove Oxide from Aluminum in Production Lines (3 Methods)

By Alex Fraser on August 05, 2020

Removing oxide from aluminum usually comes as a necessary evil to ensure that high-quality parts are manufactured. If you’ve manually cleaned oxides before, you’ve probably spent a lot on manual labor and had a hard time ensuring consistent results.

Analysis of Different Plastic Injection Mold Cleaning Solutions

By Normand Lemieux on December 10, 2018

“More time in mold repair is spent cleaning mold plates and tooling than in any of the other stages (disassembly, troubleshooting or assembly)...

Laser Cleaning, a Realistic Alternative to Sandblasting

By Normand Lemieux on December 06, 2018

Sandblasting is extensively used in so many industries that it is pointless to list them all here. At Laserax, we firmly believe that for many applications, especially those that are repetitive and...

Three Industrial Laser Cleaning Applications for Metal [video]

By Normand Lemieux on November 23, 2018

Here are three examples of laser cleaning metal with Laserax’s laser cleaning systems. Laser cleaning rust , Laser weld cleaning, and Laser paint removal. ...

Laserax's Versatile Handheld Laser Cleaner

By Normand Lemieux on January 11, 2018

Laserax’s mobile laser cleaner can be used to clean weld, remove paint or rust, and for other surface preparation procedures. It requires no consumables and little to no maintenance over it entire...

How Does Laser Cleaning Work in 5 Steps

By Arthur Perret on July 25, 2017

Laser cleaning is the process of removing contaminants, such as rust, oil, oxides, etc., on steel and other surfaces using laser technology. Laser cleaning is achieved through laser ablation. It...

Dos and Don’ts of Aluminum Surface Preparation Prior to Welding

By Normand Lemieux on July 17, 2017

Miller, the self-proclaimed largest manufacturer of arc welding products in the world, provides very useful clues as to what is required for creating high quality welds on aluminum.  They state...