Laser Cleaning

5 Coating Removal Methods with Examples
By Alex Fraser on May 21, 2022

Whether you’re looking to remove phosphate coating, e-coating, powder coating, or epoxy, there is not a single method that works best for all applications. Laser cleaning, chemical stripping, abrasive blasting, burn-off ovens, induction heating, and other methods all come with different benefits and limitations.

What Are The Best Methods for E-Coating Removal
By Alex Fraser on June 16, 2021

The most common methods for e-coating removal include burn-off ovens, sandblasting, and chemical stripping. A more modern technology is laser cleaning. It is adopted by manufacturers who need speed and precision, as well as those who want to get rid of consumables. 

What is Laser Dust Removal and How is It Used?
By Alex Fraser on March 02, 2021

Laser dust removal is the process of removing dust from a surface using laser ablation. Any types of dusts produced in work environments can be removed, such as metallic, plastic and organic dust. As the laser beam irradiates the surface, burnt off dust is vaporized and extracted using a dust extraction nozzle

Phosphate Coating Removal Without Chemicals
By Alex Fraser on December 08, 2020

If you’ve ever stripped the phosphate coating off a part, or managed a phosphate conversion coating process, chances are you’ve seen your fair share of chemicals. If you want to get rid of chemicals during phosphate coating removal, laser cleaning may be the solution you’re looking for.

Cleaning Aluminum for Welding: Lasers vs. Other Methods
By Alex Fraser on November 02, 2020

Cleaning up aluminum before welding is essential to make sure that the end product is structurally strong. If you’ve done your research on how to best do it, you probably found the same information everywhere.

How Does Laser Cleaning Work in 5 Steps
By Arthur Perret on August 12, 2020

Laser cleaning is an eco-friendly process used to remove rust, paint, oxide and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Because of its efficiency, it is being used in an increasing number of applications.

Remove Oxide from Aluminum in Production Lines (3 Methods)
By Alex Fraser on August 05, 2020

Removing oxide from aluminum usually comes as a necessary evil to ensure that high-quality parts are manufactured. If you’ve manually cleaned oxides before, you’ve probably spent a lot on manual labor and had a hard time ensuring consistent results.

Laser Cleaning, a Realistic Alternative to Sandblasting
By Normand Lemieux on December 06, 2018

Sandblasting is extensively used in so many industries that it is pointless to list them all here. At Laserax, we firmly believe that for many applications, especially those that are repetitive and...

Three Industrial Laser Cleaning Applications for Metal [video]
By Normand Lemieux on November 23, 2018

Here are three examples of laser cleaning metal with Laserax’s laser cleaning systems. Laser cleaning rust , Laser weld cleaning, and Laser paint removal. ...