Laser Safety

Laser Safety Resources and references

By Julien-Mathieu Audet on April 18, 2018

When integrating high-power laser on production floors some concerns regarding the safety of workers will surely arise. In this blog, we suggest a series of resources that you might find useful to...

The Basics of Laser Safety... For Open-Air Enclosure

By Normand Lemieux on April 13, 2018

As a smelting, a die-casting or extrusion professional, are you considering the use of laser direct part marking to improve traceability? Laserax’s open-air laser marking system may be the solution...

The Basics of Safety for Sealed Laser Enclosures

By Normand Lemieux on January 24, 2018

One of the most common uses of lasers is, you guessed it, office laser printing. As a matter of fact, laser diodes can be found in your regular run-of-the-mill office printer. You probably never...

The Basics of Laser Safety

By Normand Lemieux on January 04, 2018

Nobody expects that the intensity required to tear speckles of metal from a part to be harmless to humans. But you might not expect that the reflections of the laser beam might be harmful to humans...

Laser Safety: Laser Classes Explained

By Julien-Mathieu Audet on April 28, 2017

Contrary to what Hollywood movies portray, lasers are not powerful enough to obliterate entire planets (looking at you StarWars), but they're still powerful enough to damage your skin...