Magnesium Laser Marking and Etching

Laser marking systems can produce contrasted marks by applying multiple shades of white and black. Examples of applications include the unique and permanent identification of auto parts, metal parts, magnesium ingots, gearboxes, bundles, and billets. The identification may include text, serial numbers and model numbers, logos, barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix codes. 

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Why Use Laser Technology for Magnesium Marking?


Fast &

Laserax laser marking systems efficiently and rapidly mark magnesium and magnesium alloys in the harshest environments.


Permanent & High-Contrast Marks

Laser marking magnesium allows the generation of highly contrasted marks through an optimized process that generates black marks on a white background.

Laser marked identifiers on metal surfaces are of high quality, capable of withstanding shotblasting and various other surface treatments.

No Consumables & Low Maintenance

Thanks to fiber laser technology, marking magnesium requires no consumables and very low maintenance.



Understanding Magnesium Laser Marking

Laser metal etching is done with a high pulse of energy. It melts the metal, removing a thin layer of material from the surface. On some metals, it is possible to generate black and white pixels. Black and white areas do not scatter light the same way. The white areas are produced by a surface texture of small depth, which creates a diffuse reflection, a white pixel. The black areas are produced by a surface texture of greater depth that creates very little reflection, thus creating a black pixel.