PVC plastic laser marking

Laser marking of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can be obtained with either a CO2 or a fiber laser source. The laser choice will depend on the application requirements. Generally, an orange coloration mark is generated through laser irradiation.

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Why use a laser for PVC marking ?

Fast and reliable technology

Laser marking allows efficient and rapid marking of an identifier on a PVC surface, even in harsh environments.

Robust and permanent markings

Laser marked identifiers on PVC surfaces can withstand heavy salt spray testing and intense UV exposure.

Low maintenance, no consumables

Laser marking systems for PVC are very low maintenance and consumable free.

Repeatable high contrasts marks

Laser markings on PVC allows the generation of a high contrast mark on any color.

PVC laser marking

Laser marking of PVC produces high contrast marking on any color. The process is also very fast and efficient. However, it is important to consider that the polyvinyl chloride is a polymer composed of chlorine. During thephotodecomposition of the material, it undergoes dechlorination producing the emission of a toxic gas : Hydrochloric acid (HCl). A proper fume extraction system must be used to prevent hazards associated with hydrochloric acid gas. In addition, the chlorine released during the dechlorination attacks the chemical bunds of the material causing yellowing around the irradiated area.

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2D CO2 Laser Marking System (LXM)

2D CO2 Laser Marking System (LXM)

The LXM Series provides flexibility and durability without compromising on precision or speed.


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