Converting industry laser applications

We manufacture industrial systems for laser marking, laser cutting and laser welding of moving sheets, films and industrial fabrics

Industrial converting

How can the converting industry benefit from laser technologies ?

The converting industry is defined by its high process speed and by the level of precision required throughout the production process. From diapers to industrial fabrics, from textiles to packaging, lasers have now become the tool of choice for manufacturers seeking to push their production boundaries.


Efficient laser process yields to high speed performances that  generate an increase in production capabilities

Precision and repeatability

With precise industrial laser systems that remotely act upon moving material, you benefit from the reduction of the wear and vibration that can affect repeatability and maintenance costs.

Instantaneous change-over

Forget about dies and tooling and enter the "just-in-time'' era. Industrial laser systems are compliant with your CAD product designs.  You can change setup on-the-fly, drastically reducing setup time and inventory costs.



Laser Marking Machines

With multiple wavelengths, optical configurations, power levels and advanced features available, we provide the most efficient laser marking machines for your specific needs.

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