About Us

Laser Machine Manufacturer

Founded in 2010, Laserax provides innovative, robust and safe laser solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. Relying on a team of laser technology experts, we offer a complete range of products for laser material processing applications such as laser marking and laser cleaning in the primary metals as well as in the automotive & transportation industries.

We believe in industrial laser machines that are easy to integrate, install and use.

We help our customers:

  • Improve their productivity
  • Reduce the skill set required to use laser technologies
  • Ensure that workers evolve in a safe working environment


Our mission

Pushing the limits of laser to become the reference in innovative industrial solutions


Laser Marking Machines

Our industrial laser markers are an integral part of a complete traceability system. They are used the world over to uniquely identify parts and bundles of parts with serial numbers, model number, batch number, date codes or any other useful information. Such identifiers may include barcode and Data Matrix Code - both of which can be scanned to release a wealth of information about the targeted product.


Laser Cleaning Machines

Automated industrial laser systems can remove rust, oil, oxidation and other contaminants from a variety of metals. When properly set, Laserax laser cleaners will remove the contaminants with close to zero effect on the base metal. It is an invaluable characteristic for laser mold cleaning, laser weld cleaning and laser surface preparation before welding and prior to many other surface treatments.

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