About Us

A Thriving Company Founded by Laser Experts

Laserax headquartersLaserax was founded in 2010 by two laser physicists with the desire to provide the manufacturing industry with cutting edge laser solutions. Our goal has always been to supply laser solutions that combine industrial performance, safety, and reliability.

With the unmatched performances we bring to our clients, we are rapidly growing and take great pride in serving manufacturers in more than 20 countries with 54 partners around the globe. Today, an increasing number of the largest smelters and automotive manufacturers in the world rely on Laserax for their laser applications.

Why Leading Manufacturers Choose Laserax

We understand the demands of industrial processes, and therefore we engineer solutions that perfectly address each customer’s specific needs. When you contact us, we go over your production process with you to learn exactly how you manufacture your parts. After careful analysis, we propose a complete solution that takes into account all the key factors for a successful laser integration. From your first inquiry to the commissioning and after sales support, our commitment is to make ourselves available to assist you at any moment.

Our Story

Marking Solutions for the Most Challenging Industrial Environments

We first developed inline laser solutions for major smelting plants. In such environments, the heavy dust, high temperatures, and short cycle times required robust marking solutions were non-existent on the market. Up to the challenge, Laserax worked in close partnership with smelters to develop standardized laser marking solutions aligned with their needs. As of today, our conveyor machines are the only turnkey solutions available for smelters.

Marking Solutions for Automotive OEM Traceability

Hearing about our success in the primary metal industry, casting plants and automotive parts suppliers started showing interest in our expertise to help them meet their rising traceability needs. As automotive traceability requirements continued to evolve through new international standards (IATF 16949), marking parts after machining or quality control was no longer compliant with those requirements in many cases.

They needed a new direct part marking solution that allowed to increase the amount of information embedded in the part while keeping the cradle-to-grave traceability. In this case, this meant creating markings that sustain production and post-treatment processes, which is a challenge that Laserax managed to overcome. Read more about our shotblast resistant marking (patent pending) or contact us to get a sample part marked.

Engineering solutions directly in casting plants and assembly lines also proved challenging due to high heat, strong vibrations, lubricant and dust. These obstacles created maintenance issues directly in the production line. Yet, Laserax succeeded in developing a standard product line that can operate with low maintenance in those harsh conditions. 

Cleaning & Texturing Solutions for Innovative Applications

Laserax is taking an active part in bringing the most promising laser technologies to the market. Our team has developed high-power lasers that can either clean or texture surfaces—or even do both with the same laser. You can now replace traditional techniques, like masking, blasting or shot peening to optimize your production processes while eliminating the need for consumables – therefore increasing your profitability in ways not possible before.

Our industrial laser expertise makes a major difference when implementing laser cleaning and laser texturing. We’ve developed high-volume turnkey solutions to integrate cleaning and texturing onto conveyors, robots, or workstations. All our solutions include class-1 enclosures as well as fume extraction & filtration systems. 

Laserax OEM Laser Systems

Our laser systems are at the core of all our products. They stand out by the quality of our hardware paired with the most efficient configurations and processes. Built to last in industrial environments, they are also the fastest on the market to mark, clean, and texture.

With our close partnership with system integrators, we provide more than lasers. We offer our assistance to test and optimize applications to help them attain optimal results. Because safety is one of the most important considerations when integrating a laser, we also offer safety expertise and class-1 certifications.