Magnesium Laser Marking

Laser marking systems can produce multiple shades of grey, white and black. Example of application includes the unique permanent identification of magnesium ingots, orthopedic braces, portable electronic device housings or gearboxes. The identification may include texts, serial and model number, logos, barcodes, QR codes and other data matrix. 

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Why Use Laser for Magnesium Marking?

Fast and reliable technology

Laserax laser marking systems efficiently and rapidly mark magnesium and magnesium alloys in the harshest environments. 

Robust and permanent markings

Laser marked identifiers on metal surface can withstand high temperature annealing, heavy salt spray test and intense UV exposure. 

Low maintenance, no consumabl

Low maintenance, no consumabl

Repeatable high contrast marks

Laser markings on magnesium allow to generate highly contrasted marks through an optimized process that generate black marks on white background. 

Understanding Laser Magnesium Marking

Laser metal engraving is done with a high pulse of energy. It melts the metal, removing a thin layer of material from the surface. On some metal, it is possible to generate black and white pixels. Black and white areas do not scatter light the same way. The white areas are produced by a surface texture of small depth which creates a diffuse reflection, a white pixel. The black areas are produced by a surface texture of greater depth that creates very little reflection thus creating a black pixel. 

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3D Autofocus Fiber Laser With Imaging Scanner (LXQ 3D Vision)

3D Autofocus Fiber Laser With Imaging Scanner (LXQ 3D Vision)

With the patent pending LXQ 3D Vision Series, Laserax brings to the market the first adaptative traceability laser engraver that offers the joint benefits of laser engraving and 3D imaging.

LXQ 3D Vision

3D Focus Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ 3D)

3D Focus Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ 3D)

This 3 axis fiber laser system permits industrial laser marking on various part geometries. This industrial laser marking machine will perform fast and reliable laser etching on various part geometries.


2D Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ)

2D Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ)

With an output power up to a 100W and certified IP67 class protection, the LXQ series is the most efficient and reliable industrial laser marking machine on the market.


Industrial IP66 Turnkey Laser Marking System

Industrial IP66 Turnkey Laser Marking System

This integrated version of our fiber laser marking systems series is ideal for projects requiring limited integration efforts. Its IP66 protection class and vortex cooled system allows installation in all types of work environments. The system’s configuration is done on a custom basis to ensure seamless integration with your PLC brand and Communication protocols.

ILXQ IP66 - Turnkey Kit


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