Aluminum industry laser applications

Welcome to error proof traceability where you can imprint a permanent heat resistant identifier directly on aluminum without consumables.

How can the aluminum industry benefit from laser marking ?

Industrial laser marking of aluminum is becoming a key technology for both aluminum producers and transformers. In a market where traceability is demandes, acquiring a fool proof marking system in order to guarantee alloy specifications to the value chain is becoming a key differentiator. Laser marking is now positioned as a technology capable of providing permanent heat resistant marking customizable to customer's requirements.

Laser Marking System

Aluminum Sows

Stop spending on expensive labels that fall off. Instead, laser etch a high definition identification label directly on the sow’s surface. Obtain fool proof traceability and inventory management

Laser Marking System

Aluminum Ingots

Ensure heat resistant traceability with a laser marking process that resists the most challenging homogenization cycles.

Laser Marking System

Aluminum Billets

Add customized barcodes and 2D codes to the billet end to remove human error from the traceability process.


A complete offer for the most challenging aluminum applications


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3D Autofocus Fiber Laser With Imaging Scanner (LXQ 3D Vision)

With the patent pending LXQ 3D Vision Series, Laserax brings to the market the first adaptative traceability laser engraver to offer the joint benefits of laser engraving and 3D imaging.

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3D Focus Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ 3D)

Due to its adjustable focusing parameters, this industrial laser marking machine will perform fast and reliable laser etching on various part geometries.

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2D Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ)

With an output power that can reach up to a 100W and a certified IP67 class protection, the LXQ series is the most efficient and reliable industrial laser marking machine on the market.

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Laser safety

Benefit from all the advantages laser technology has to offer without the risks. Let us assist you in your integration projects.

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Laser Process development

With access to a state of the art application lab, Laserax has unique capabilities to develop on-demand industrial laser engineering & laser processes.

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Custom laser solutions

Customer satisfaction will always be our first priority. Our commitments to provide impeccable technical support to OEMs, system integrators and end users.

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