Extrusion Industry Laser Applications

With growing traceability standards throughout the aluminum value chain, the introduction of industrial laser etching systems becomes a must.


How can the extrusion industry benefit from laser marking ?

Extrusion industry manufacturers find themselves under growing pressure to provide traceability for high integrity products.

Due to the dynamic constraints of the extrusion manufacturing process, limited technologies can address such traceability needs.

Furthermore, an adaptable solution capable of adjusting to hundreds of different extrusion profiles is essential.

With mark-on-the fly capabilities and adaptive focusing optics, industrial laser markers are the unavoidable solution for permanent and customizable identification.


A complete offer for the most challenging extrusion manufacturing applications


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3D Autofocus Fiber Laser With Imaging Scanner (LXQ 3D Vision)

With the patent pending LXQ 3D Vision Series, Laserax brings to the market the first adaptative traceability laser engraver that offers the joint benefits of laser engraving and 3D imaging.

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3D Focus Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ 3D)

This 3 axis fiber laser system allows for industrial laser marking on various part geometries. This industrial laser marking machine will perform fast and reliable laser etching on various part geometries.

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2D Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ)

With an output power that can reach up to a 100W and a certified IP67 class protection, the LXQ series is the most efficient and reliable industrial laser marking machine on the market.

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