Part & Product Traceability

Global markets are pushing all actors in the value chain towards higher levels of traceability and standards compliance. Direct part marking is an obvious management tool dedicated to satisfying these constraints.Traceability is defined as the capability to track of an assigned feature or quantity of information to a given extent and chronology.

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Part traceability in manufacturing: A win-win association

Monitoring process control

Unique part traceability helps manufacturers control the entire production process, avoid errors and more importantly, determine the origin of specific parts. The internal database created by automatic identification can be used to optimize production processes over time.

Responsibility and safety

Part traceability is necessary to satisfy demands by customers and government agencies for increasingly higher quality and enhanced levels of corporate responsibility. Tracking and tracing force all actors in the supply chain to comply.

Save money

In case of a non-complaince, serial numbers provide access to production chain history, and consequently, give the opportunity to act quickly and efficiently.

Competitive advantage

TREAD Act for automotive, FDA medical device reporting for medical equipment manufacturers and MIL-STD-130 marking standards for the US Department ofDefense are some examples of essential industry regulations. Adhering to warranty related requirements for part traceability can provide a considerable advantage.

Traceability methods

Labels and nameplates

Printed barcode labels or nameplates have been used for decades for identifying parts and products. This method inherently presents high consumable cost for labels and ink as well as labor cost for applying the labels or performing maintenance on the label applying machine. In addition, the labels can fall off parts.

Laser marking advantages

Laser marking uses focused light to etch permanent information directly on the material. The identifier content is 100% customazible.

  • No consumables

  • Permanent high definition mark

  • Heat resistant identification

Pin stamping or dot peen marking

Pin stamping and dot peen marking use a carbine pin to indent the marking surface to provide a continuous deformation. Dot peen system engrave deep, text or symbols can withstand harshest manufacturing conditions. However they are relatively slow, cannot generate barcodes and require significant maintenance.

Laser marking advantages

Laser marking is a robust technology which enables remote etching a material without having to withstand continuous mechanical shocks and vibrations.

  • High resolution and high speed method

  • Allow high contrast for barcodes

  • Minimal maintenance

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printer systems use a gun-body and a microscopic nozzle to deposit a droplets of ink onto the marking surface. Inkjet printing can provide color pictures or symbols, can work on a broad variety of materials but tends to have poor to excellent durability, depending on the quality of the ink and the operating environment.

Laser marking advantages

Laser etching is known for being low maintenance and for providing constant marking quality

  • No consumables
  • Permanent marking

  • Unlimited graphical capabilities

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