Semi-Automated Laser Cleaning Machine Rotary Table Workstation

With the rotary workstation, all you need is an operator to manually load and unload parts. Being semi-automated, this laser cleaning machine includes a rotary table onto which parts are fixed into position. It can clean various parts simply by changing the fixture. Its use is very simple:

  1. The operator positions a part on the fixtures and starts the machine
  2. The table performs a 180° rotation, and laser cleaning is automatically performed
  3. As the part is being cleaned, the operator positions another part on the rotary table
  4. The operator manually triggers the next rotation and removes the cleaned part
  5. The cycle starts over.

This laser cleaning machine is just what you need if:

  • Cleaning can be done at the end of the production process
  • Equipment is used to clean various parts with minimal set-up time
  • Operators are required to perform other tasks while laser cleaning occurs
  • The laser cleaning unit needs to be moved on the shop floor
  • Equipment is required to be compliant with class-1 laser safety standards
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