Our inline laser markers are a safe laser solution that can be fitted on most automated conveyor systems. It is designed for Class 1 applications. It is safe to the point that your staff won’t need any extra personal protective equipment. 

Laserax lasers can mark ferrous materials like iron, steel and stainless steel or non-ferrous metals such as magnesium, aluminum, lead and copper. With lasers rated between 20 and 100 watts, we offer the widest range of power levels in the industry.  Our laser systems meet most requirements for automated production.

Our through-conveyor inline laser systems incorporate the following features:

  • Designed for Class 1 applications
  • Automated laser marking system
  • Can be adapted to most conveyor types
  • No consumables are required
  • Requires little to no maintenance
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Advantages of our inline laser enclosure


Laserax’s enclosed laser marker for conveyors are designed for Class 1 applications. They are among the safest laser systems in the industry. People working with this laser system or close to it will not require personal safety equipment. They won’t have to take any special precautions.


The inline laser markers were developed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments.


Laserax enclosures for conveyors are particularly well adapted to inline operations in “stop and go” mode. They can also be used for marking parts on the fly on high-speed production lines. Contact our laser experts for more information on this functionality.


The inline laser enclosures for conveyors can be used with robots or positioning jigs, but you can also rely on Laserax’s vision system to adapt the laser parameters to the position and geometry of the parts. Laserax LXQ 3D Vision produces the best and most consistent marking results.



Products and options


The Laserax enclosures for conveyors are available for the following laser products


The following options are available :

  • Laserax’s Human Machine Interface
  • Cabinet for laser source and controllers


Part Traceability

Our in-line through-conveyor enclosure is part of a complete part traceability system. Laser markers can be used to etch text, logos, barcodes and 2D codes such as Data Matrix Codes directly on the surface of most materials.

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Industrial Marking

With industrial laser markers it is possible to identify parts made of a wide range of materials. These markings can be used by any stakeholders to retrieve information about the products. Laser Direct Part Marking (DPM) is part of the ultimate traceability system.

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Laser cleaning and rust removal

Laser cleaning, rust removal and surface preparation are innovative and effective industrial processes. Laserax’s laser system permits the removal of contaminants on most metal surfaces.

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48 Aluminum industry laser applications

Aluminum industry laser applications

Welcome to error proof traceability where you can imprint a permanent heat resistant identifier directly on aluminum without consumables.

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58 Extrusion Industry Laser Applications

Extrusion Industry Laser Applications

With growing traceability standards throughout the aluminum value chain, the introduction of industrial laser etching systems becomes a must.

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659 Manufacturing industry Laser Applications

Manufacturing industry Laser Applications

Whether it’s for reducing costs or adding value to your products, lasers can provide huge return on investment in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

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